Troop 967 Scout Contract for Participation

The purpose of this document is to establish parameters and expectations for Scouts and Scout Leadership with the intent of each Scout successfully working towards earning their Eagle Scout Award. 

Under the terms of this contract, Troop 967 Adult Leadership commits full support to assist the Scout as needed to provide resources and guidance to assist the Scout work towards all the goals and achievements that ultimately lead to the Scout earning the Eagle Scout rank. Most of this effort will come at the request of the Scout as needed.

This document will become part of the Scout Master Conference for a Scout’s First Class rank and will be discussed at each following rank to allow for the Scout to communicate any need for assistance and guidance from Adult Leadership.

As a Boy Scout of Troop 967, I hereby agree to the following items:
  • Progress through the ranks of Scouting in the following order: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle. This means that I will not just meet, but master the requirements set forth in each rank.
  • Earn at least 21 merit badges, including those merit badges required for the Eagle Scout rank.

  • Serve at least 6 months in a troop leadership position and learn from that role. While a Life Scout, serve actively in your troop for 6 months in a position of responsibility to prepare for Eagle Rank.

  • Serve as an active Scout within the troop all the way through until earning the Eagle Scout rank. As defined by Troop 967, “Active” Scout means striving to achieve 80% attendance in Troop meetings, reporting any absence to the Troop Scribe; 50% participating in Troop activities outside of meetings; participation in Mulch Deliveries; and participation in Sacred Heart Church Festival Clean-up providing service to our Charter organization.

  • Actively participate in Scout fundraisers that support the troop. It should be noted that we do not charge dues and Scout fundraisers help fund Scout accounts as well as help fund the troop activities that include overall troop expenses (trailer maintenance, troop membership, merit badges, etc.).

  • Commit to learning skills, enhancing your values and providing a good example, demonstrating Scout spirit in your daily life and adhere to the points of the Scout Law, Motto and Oath. 

  • Look for ways to give back to Scouting during your Eagle journey and beyond and then follow through on doing just that. 

  • Work to grow into a position to offer leadership and assistance to others within the troop.

Signed and Dated by Scout and Scout Leader