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Family Talent Survey

Welcome to The Boy Scout Troop 967 Family!  We are happy you decided to not only continue Scouting, but, to share that experience with Troop 967.  We are a growing Troop that has flourished in the past and are well on our way back to the top. 

Part of our growth is due to the great resources that we have right here in our own Troop.  It is the goal of Troop 967 to create opportunities, events and activities that will enhance your son's Boy Scout experience.  Not only our Scouting parents have many talents they are willing to share, we have a wide network of resources that are often more than happy to help.  

The purpose of this "Family Talent Survey" is to provide our leadership the insight to what is available.  We would greatly appreciate you take just a few minutes to complete the form below and let us know how you might be able to help! 

Thank you!