Pipak, Jacob

Director: Jacob Pipak
Assistant Directors: Lauren Kylberg, Ronnie Godfrey
Fine Arts Director/High School Director: Randy Kiser


7th & 8th Grade Band Concert: Tuesday, Deccember 11th (7PM)
6th Grade Band and High School Band Concert: Thursday, December 13th (7PM)

I apologize for any confusion! We thought we updated this calendar! This years calendar has been correctly uploaded!

Last Friday several Spring Hill Junior High Band students participated in auditions for the All Region Band. Hundreds of students from several different schools across this area met in Union Grove, all competing for a select few chairs. The following students placed in the band, or received an alternate position. We are so proud of all of the students that participated in this contest and represented Spring Hill.


***35 Placements in the All Region Band

***6 Alternates


Itzel Juarez – 2nd Chair Flute

Kailand Smith – 10th Chair Flute

Nevaeh Norfleet – 13th Chair Flute

Addison Childers – 14th Chair Flute

Tawnny Swanson – 15th Chair Flute

Reyna Tovar – 16th Chair Flute

Victoria Casimiro – Flute Alternate

Mia Stowe – Flute Alternate

Rylie Mars – 2nd Chair Oboe

Lily Cooper – 5th Chair Clarinet

Abby Hall – 6th Chair Clarinet

Evelin Rios – 12th Chair Clarinet

Ava Wulbrecht – 26th Chair Clarinet

Kayla Salvador – 27th Chair Clarinet

Brenda Cagle – Clarinet Alternate

Logan Mills – 4th Chair Bass Clarinet

Anna Kelly – 3rd Chair Alto Sax

Adrik Aburto – 10th Chair Alto Sax

Madalyne Kirby – 3rd Chair Tenor Sax

Masen Bonnie – 4th Chair Tenor Sax

Brandon Tran – 2nd Chair Bari Sax

Prince Otujor – 5th Chair Trumpet

Jayden Atkins – 15th Chair Trumpet

Blaire Bodenheimer – 17th Chair Trumpet

Dina Zeid – Trumpet Alternate

Kaitlynn Griffin – Trumpet Alternate

Kylee Jordan – 1st Chair Horn

Blythe Davis – 2nd Chair Horn

Meralis Machuca – 6th Chair Horn

Zen Estrella – 7th Chair Horn

Allison Robinson – 9th Chair Horn

Joelle Cuellar – 10th Chair Horn

Morgan Greenville – 3rd Chair Trombone

Dwayne Richardson – 11th Chair Trombone

Abigail Caron – 14th Chair Trombone

Bryan Murillo – Trombone Alternate

A’lia Morales – 3rd Chair Euphonium

Jordi Plichta – 4th Chair Euphonium

Jaden Giddings – 9th Chair Tuba

Collin Wingo – 2nd Chair Percussion

Carson Coleman – 10th Chair Percussion


Once again, we are so proud of the hard work these students have put in this year. Way to represent the Spring Hill band program!

8th Grade Spring Concert 2018

7th Grade Spring Concert 2018

3101 Spring Hill Road, Longview Texas 75605
Telephone: 903-323-7819Email: jpipak@shisd.net
Directors: Jacob Pipak, Lauren Kylberg, Ronnie Godfrey, and Randy Kiser
 Spring Hill JH Band Calendar2018-2019
Aug. 20, 2018First Day of SchoolSHSH-
Aug. 23, 2018Express Fundraiser Begins6th /7th/8thSHJH-
Sept. 6, 2018Express Frundraiser Due6th/7th/8thSHJH-
Sept. 13, 2018JH Pep Rally and Game v. White Oak7th/8thSHJH9th Period/5:30pm
Oct. 11, 2018JH Pep Rally and Game v. Gilmer7th/8thSHJH9th Period/5:30pm
Oct. 13, 2018All-Region Practice and PizzaA-R Part.SHJH9am-12pm
Oct. 25, 2018JH Pep Rally and Game v. Texarkana7th/8thSHJH9th Period/ 5:30
Nov. 1, 2018JH Pep Rally and Game v. Pleasant Grove7th/8thSHJH9th Period/5:30pm
Nov. 2, 20188th Grade at HS Game v. Pleasant Grove8thSHHS Stadium6:30pm
Nov. 30, 2018All-Region TryoutsA-R Part.Union GroveTBA
Dec. 4, 2018Beginner 9th Period Rehearsal6thSHJH Band Hall9th Period
Dec. 6, 2018Beginner 9th Period Rehearsal6thSHJH Band Hall9th Period
December 4, 2018Jazz and Percussion ConcertPercussionistsSH Auditorium7:00 PM
Dec. 11, 20187th and 8th Grade Christmas Concert7th/8thSH Auditorium7pm
Dec. 12, 2018Beginner 9th Period Rehearsal6thSHJH Band Hall9th Period
Dec. 13, 20186th Grade and HS Christmas Concert6thSH Auditorium7:00 PM
Jan. 25-26, 2019All-Region Clinic and ConcertA-R QualifiersGladewaterTBA
Feb. 4, 2019UIL Sectionals Begin, 1 per Week after School7th/8thSHJHAfter School
TBAJH Solo and Ensemble7th/8th--
Apr. 9, 2019UIL Contest Rehearsal7th/8thSH Auditorium4:00-6:00pm
Apr. 15, 2019UIL Contest Rehearsal7th/8thSH Auditorium4:00-6:00pm
Apr. 17-18, 2019UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest7th/8thGladewaterTBA
Apr. 23, 2019Beginner 9th Period Rehearsal6thSHJH Band Hall9th Period
Apr. 25, 2019Beginner 9th Period Rehearsal6thSHJH Band Hall9th Period
Apr. 30, 20197th and 8th Grade Spring Concert7th/8thSH Auditorium7pm
May 1, 20195th Grade Recruitment Concert6thSH Auditorium9th Period
May 2, 20196th/HS Spring Concert6thSH Auditorium7pm
May 9, 2018Percussion ConcertPercussionist SH Auditorium7pm
TBAJH Band Trip6th/7th/8thTBATBA
A-RAll-Region Participants
TBATo Be Announced
SHSpring Hill
JHJunior High
HSHigh School
Please make the director aware of any conflicts in advance. The band students are responsible for all dates pertaining to their grade level on this calendar.
More information will be provided as necessary prior to all UIL events, concerts and performances.
This calendar will be availale online at www.shisd.net