Student Council

Sponsors: Ashly Bailey and Trudy Haywood
Please Contact us With any questions or concerns.

Another Bump in our Meeting time Road.....PEP RALLY!!  (eventually it will work out, right!?!)

First Dance is  THIS Friday, the 14th from 5-7 in our cafeteria.  

Stuco members do not buy dance tickets.  

All Stuco members are expected to attend. We all stay to help clean up and take shifts working concessions.  (Work-ons earn points helping with dance)  If you know you cannot attend, please bring me a parent signed note.  

Years past, stuco members have brought cookies/2liters for concessions, but this year our Dance committee has changed it up. We are asking each stuco memeber to bring $5 to cover the concessions for both dances.   

The pep rally that