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8th Grade Science Page


Last day of the 1st six weeks is Friday, September 29th.

Journal Test will be Wednesday, September 27th.

Florida Trip Information

To receive class reminder texts- Text Message: @smalley902 To: 81010

Link for class assignments, videos, and journal pages:

8th Grade Science Google Drive Link

Balancing Equations Practice 1

Balancing Equations Practice 2

Balancing Equations Practice 3

Science Journals

We will keep and maintain a science journal in class. This will be a test grade each six weeks. All class notes and lab assignments will be kept in this journal. Your journal may be kept in the classroom or you may choose to keep it in your backpack.

Grades-Tests and Daily

Daily grades and test grades each count 50% of your six weeks average.

If you make less than a 70 on a test grade or a daily grade, you have the opportunity to retake a test or redo a worksheet to try and bring the grade up to a 70 (except weekly warm-up assignments). Retakes and redos must be taken care of within a week of the assignment.


You are responsible for any assignments missed during your absence. Copies of worksheets or handouts will be given to you on your return. You will have as many days as you were absent to make up missed work. Journal pages you missed will need to be copied (in your handwriting) into your journal. You may not cut and paste the copy of my notes.

Homework Policy

    1. Turn in all homework on time.
    2. Homework will be due that the beginning of class. Assignments will be collected while students begin warm-up.
    3. Work turned in one day late will have 30 points deducted. Work turned in two days late will have 50 points deducted. After two days, the grade is a zero.
    4. Students that are absent will receive the same amount of days plus one to complete the assigned homework.
    5. Answer all questions, even if you are not sure. Just try it. You may be right.
    6. Homework help is available before and after school or during activity in my classroom.

Contact Information:

Ms. Sarah Smalley

Room: 902

Conference: 9:00am-9:45am

Additional Hours: before or after school


Work Phone: (903)323-7718