Moore, Michael - Jr. High Principal


Despite having spent over ten years in the corporate world, it wasn’t until I pursued my dream of becoming an educator that I truly found my calling.  With seven years as a teacher and now six as an administrator under my belt, I have had the opportunity to invest in the lives of thousands of students and their families.  It has been my true joy to have the chance to give of myself in this capacity.  As principal, I have worked diligently to provide leadership and direction for our campus that empowers teachers and staff to effectively educate and encourage our students to achieve success in life. 

With a mindset of lifelong learning, I have begun working on the state’s superintendent certification program as well as my doctoral degree in education.  With this additional training, I have enhanced my leadership skill sets as well as my knowledge of best practices in education.  As I move forward in my career in educational leadership, I work to inspire future leaders and the development of innovative strategies and programs that help all students reach their potential. 

I am committed to maintaining a highly visible, interactive presence with students and faculty to encourage a caring and collaborative learning environment that embraces a family mentality.  I feel blessed to be a part of such an exceptional group of educators and the long standing tradition of excellence at Spring Hill Independent School District. 


I work diligently to promote a belief in dreaming big and working hard to reach goals.  Whether student or staff, I encourage individuals to take risks and step out of their comfort zone.  Participation within campus activities or programs is highly celebrated and praised in order to build a sense of belonging and ownership within the school family.  As part of that belief, I daily emphasize a strong connection between one’s character and success.

Michael Moore,
Oct 10, 2016, 11:46 AM