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"Tis the season

posted Dec 11, 2017, 8:33 AM by Rusty Robinett

While we will have to give Old Man Winter a tardy, he finally arrived. The students at SHHS don't seem to be affected by the cold and are buzzing around like spring bees with all the different activities at the high school. We have our Senior Citizens Luncheon here on December 12th which will involve just about every group on the campus. If you plan on being in attendance you are in store for a treat. The band just performed their Christmas concert and the newly created Jazz band will perform on December the 14th. We have started soccer which Coach Bondurant and Coach Plunk swear brought in the cold weather and  Basketball Tournaments are in full swing.Our Debate and UIL teams have hosted their first meets while the SHHS student council has adopted families for Christmas and are helping brighten a few young people's Christmas. 
To add icing to the cake our students will be taking semester exams starting on Monday, December 18th. The Exam Schedule is as follows: December 18th is 7th and 8th-period exams: December the 19th is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-period exams: December 20th, is 4th, 5th, and 6th-period exams. On December 19th and 20th students will be released at 1:00 after their exams. 
Old Man Winter better pick up his feet if he wants to keep up with Panther Nation! 


posted Nov 16, 2017, 1:46 PM by Rusty Robinett

Here at Spring Hill High School we have so much in which to be thankful. This is a great community that supports our students and staff greatly. We are thankful for a Superintendent that loves his kids and his staff and is always looking for ways to improve their experience. We are thankful for a School Board that is about kids and is so supportive of the many activities that take place at Spring Hill ISD. We are thankful for a staff that considers each other family and students who are the best of the best. AND we are thankful for a one week break in which we can celebrate with family.  Happy Thanksgiving from SHHS.

Thank you to our Veterans

posted Nov 13, 2017, 2:07 PM by Rusty Robinett

On Veterans Day we honor all,
Who answered to a service call. 
Soldiers young, and soldiers old,
Fought for freedom, brave and bold.
Some have lived, while others died,
And all of them deserve our pride.
We’re proud of all the soldiers who,
Kept thinking of red, white and blue.
They fought for us and all our rights,
They fought through many days and nights.
And though we may not know each name,
We thank ALL veterans just the same.
by Cheryl Dyson

Life is Humming along at Spring Hill High School

posted Oct 30, 2017, 11:35 AM by Rusty Robinett

We have had a great start to the school year and just finished another successful Red Ribbon Week that included a presentation by teachers about the dangers of Vaping. See the following link for more information you as a parent can share. (
 We have had an eventful fall and have the following competitions starting up soon. Math/Science, Robotics, and Debate. Our Volleyball team is in the playoffs, our Team Tennis team made it all the way to the Regional semifinals, Our Cross Country teams had representatives in the regional meet, Our Football team is currently 5-3 and in the hunt for a playoff berth, Our Band has made a 1 at Marching Contest and are headed to another NAMB marching competition, and our Thespians are putting on a play that have showtimes on November 2nd and 5th.  
Dont forget that the second six weeks ends on November the 3rd.
 Love ya Panther Nation!

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