Table of Contents

Introduction. Shipping IS greatness.                                                            

Part One.   The Shipping Greatness Process.                                            
1. How to build a great mission and strategy                                                   
2. How to define a great product.                                                                     
3. How to build a great user experience.                                                         
4. How to achieve project management greatness on a budget.                  
5. How to do a great job testing.                                                                     
6. How to measure greatness.                                                                       
7. How to have a great launch                                                                        

Part Two.   The Shipping Greatness Skills.                                               
8. How to build a shipping-ready team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               9. How to be build great, shippable technology.                                             
10. How to be a great, shipping communicator.                                              
11. How to make great decisions.                                                                   
12. How to stay a great person while shipping                                               
13. That was great.  Let’s do it again.                                                             

Appendix A - Essential Artifacts your team needs.                                        
Appendix B. References and further reading