Getting Started

Welcome!  We have created these webpages to aid you in directly accessing scholarship information on your own time.   Maybe you have time during winter break or in an evening; maybe you have a few minutes here and there and just want to get started.  The information contained within these pages will provide you access to a multitude of scholarships, including criteria and the organized entry of information required to apply.

How To Get Started

  1. From the tabs above, click on the type of scholarship you are interested in reviewing and/or applying for (Local or Other).

  2. On each of these pages, there are many scholarships listed -- click on those you're interested in learning more about.  Be sure to check the eligibility criteria.

  3. When you have decided to apply for a particular scholarship, click on the name of that scholarship, review the information once more, and then click on Scholarship Application. Most local scholarships will use Google forms, but some must be submitted using the organization's form. For these, download PDFEscape (a free Chrome App).

  4. Begin entering the data requested. NOTE:  Make sure that you are using capitalization, punctuation, and grammar appropriately as this information will be part of your final document.

  5. Need to stop but not yet finished?  No problem.  Once you have completed as much as you are able, click on Submit.  This will save all of the information you have entered and send it to you in Google Doc format via an email.  Then when you have time, you can go back into this Google Doc to update and/or add information.  

  6. When you have completed the scholarship application and required narrative/essay, you need to print it1 off and turn it in by the deadline to Pupil Services2.    

Want a leg-up on your scholarship submission?  Then click on the “Tips and Tricks” tab above.

Be sure to read the front page of each scholarship very carefully!  There are some scholarships that require cover letters and/or resumes; others require you to mail the packet of information to their organization directly.  If there is a link to a Cover Letter, be sure to read the information on this page before going forward.  

We have provided a great deal of resources right at your finger tips.  Still, please remember that it is your responsibility to complete, print off, and turn in the application by the deadline.

1  You will need to log into your Google account through a desktop or laptop computer in order to print the document. You cannot print from your Chromebook.

2  Some scholarships, such as Ellington Community Club Scholarship, actually need to be mailed directly to the sponsoring organization.