Shiocton School District is very proud to provide the best educational technology resources to your child. Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, all middle and high school students will receive a Chromebook computer, powered by Google Apps for Education, for all their educational needs. 

Samsung ChromebooksOne of the many great promises of technology is its ability to help level the playing field in education. It can give students the tools and skills they need to prepare for work in a world where technology will be integrated in our lives. 

This site is designed to provide you with all the information and resources you need to be prepared for this exciting initiative. The links throughout this website will provide you with information about the devices, how they will be used in class as well as any agreements for use of the devices. As a parent or guardian please take the time to do the following:
  1. review the linked information,
  2. review the Chromebook Policy Handbook and sign the Chromebook portion of the Shiocton School District Parent Signature Form during registration or before the first day of school,
  3. turn in your $50 technology fee (monthly payment plan is available), and
  4. discuss the technology with your child (children) and its proper use.
The future starts now!