Who We Are

Shiloh Church was founded in 1853 as Shiloh Springs Christian Church. The first building was across Philadelphia Drive where the cemetery is now. It had separate doors for women and for men (and they sat separately too)! In 1914 a new building was built on the same site and remained until the present building was erected 1955-59.

A major arson fire in 1978 resulted in a Phoenix-like re-birth of the congregation, re-arrangement of spaces in the building, and the addition of our 55-rank Möller pipe organ.

Shiloh Church is affiliated with The United Church of Christ, a united and caring denomination, which comfortably gathers together people of many faith traditions. Shiloh Church, United Church of Christ welcomes and celebrates diversity. We recognize that we do not have to be or believe alike in order to accomplish God's will on earth. Shiloh Church celebrates your journey, your gifts, your talents, and your calling, and invites you to bring to the Lord's Table your energy and your uniqueness, to join with ours in "Living the Word by Serving the World" Among those whom Shiloh welcomes and celebrates are persons of the LGBTQ community.

The arts are very important to Shiloh Church as they have been to the church throughout the ages. Blessed with marvelous acoustics in the sanctuary, Shiloh Church welcomes an amazing variety of music and other arts events.

The Shiloh Community Sale - The sale is open to the public over a Friday & Saturday in September at the church.  It is a great community event where we have a large tent in our parking lot full of household items, inside the church we have new & used books, gently used clothing and a cafe to enjoy a sandwich or snack.  It's a great time to connect with our community and reconnect with our church family.

The Holiday Bazaar  - The bazaar is open to the public over a Friday & Saturday, typically the weekend before Thanksgiving.  This event showcases handmade gifts, wreaths, ornaments, artwork, antiques, delicious homemade pies, rolls, cookies and breads, homemade fudge, peanut brittle, toffee, mincemeat, gourmet meats and cheeses, jams and jellies, raffles and more.  We also have a cafe where you can have lunch or a snack and catch up with your friends.  It's a great start to the Holiday season.