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Dual Enrollment
Save money on your child's college education. Students take college level courses and get both a high school elective credit and the college credit. Please make an appointment with your guidance counselor for further details.

                     2016 Rankings

Shikellamy High School is recognized in the National Rankings and earned a bronze medal. Schools are ranked based on their performance on state-required tests and how well they prepare students for college.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world."
                - Nelson Mandela

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Shikellamy High School
600 Walnut Street
Sunbury, PA 17801
Office: 570-286-3702
FAX: 570-286-3775
Marc Freeman                      David Bacher
Principal                              Assistant Principal
570-286-3702 x2363              570-286-3702 x2361
Lew Dellegrotti                   
Student Services Coordinator / Attendance Officer         570-286-3702 x2376

Matthew Mitchell   
Director of Food Service
570-286-3702 x2347  



Ingrid Howard
Jennifer Shay

Scott Carey
Amy Rhinard

Timothy Foor

Melissa Brouse
Mark Cox
Christy Krieger
Brett Michaels
Adrianne Morrison
Kathleen Pennington
Peter Solomon
Maddison Attinger

Eric Attinger (570-286-3702 x2202)
Jonathan Evans 


Megan Grimme

Colleen Epler-Ruths

Fred Coleman
Elizabeth Deitrich
Robert Donlan

Amber Hummer
Diane Miller Sones


1st SGT Daniel Alderson

Jane Reichenbach

Melodee Brosious
Michael Geiswhite
Kevin Harry
Donald Leitzel
Ryan McHale
Todd Tilford
Karen Lunger

Amber Hummer
Diane Miller Sones
Sam Stroh

Colleen Epler-Ruths
Alexis Gundrum
Kayla Kaminskie
Yvonne Monahan
Jenna Mowery
Jodi Schmidt
Troy Smith

Ellen Berger
Alicia Differ
Heidi Mackey
Jonathan Steese
Michele Wallace

Joshua Grozier
Justin Paulhamus

Aubyn Johnson
Adrianne Morrison
Kathleen Pennington

Garrett Bloom
Michele Erdman
Rachel Gittens
Kayla Hulsizer
Sandy Jones
Martha Krieger
Holly Roshon
Jennifer Smith
Hollly Zimmerman

James Ermert, ISS Monitor
Michael Farronato, Social Worker

Carla Ferry, ESL

Support Staff:
Rhonda Dunn
Lori Eroh
Katrina Everett
Tracy Feese
Justina Hinkle
Suann Hinkle
Teresita Kessler
Deborah Rathfon
Christine Shemory
Karen Snyder
Marion Walls
Haley Weikel

Robin Fedder  
Betty Gilbert
Tana Gotshall
Michelle Huerta
Mary Miller
Penny Salter
Joyce Trego
Lori Yordy
Tracy Byers
Ray Dampman
Wade Fausey
Cathy Fenstermacher
Grady Fetterman
Jack Hamilton
Steven Hare
April Masser
Donna Rothermel

Marjorie Neff, Attendance Secretary
Tara Spencer, Secretary to Ass't. Principal
Kelly Stevens, Secretary to Principal

Shikellamy Senior Athletes

Senior Awards


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  • Graduation Video
    Dear Parents and Students of the Class of 2020,

    All seniors should please check their school email. There is an important email sent pertaining to the graduation video. Thank you and Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Go Braves!!

    All the best,

    Mr Freeman

    Posted Jun 9, 2020, 5:22 AM by
  • Item Return / Locker Pick-up
    Dear High School Students and Parents...We are looking to collect chromebooks, textbooks, sport uniforms and other materials and return all items from school lockers to students next week on the following dates and times....

    9th and 10th on June 8th and 9th---from 12-5pm

    11th and 12 on June 10th and 11th-- from 12-5pm

    An email explaining the drop off areas and times was sent to your child's school email. Please have your child check their email for more details. Thank you!
    Posted Jun 3, 2020, 3:28 PM by
  • Graduation Photos
    Dear Class of 2020,

    In response to many requests, we are allowing parents to take part in the graduation photo that is taking place next week when seniors are coming to the HS for the shooting of the graduation video.  In a previous email and calls to parents, we discussed the graduation video and the process of making the video. I discussed upon finishing your part in the video, proceeding to Shikellamy HS Stadium to have your photo taken by Mr. Solomon.  It is at this time that parents are allowed to enter the stadium with you and have your senior photo taken together. Your parents should arrive at the same time you arrive for the video. Also, they should enter the stadium when you enter the stadium and leave once your picture is taken. Your parents cannot enter the school at any time. We will have an administrator present at the stadium to help this process. We will be calling tomorrow (5/29/20) to discuss this more with each graduate's parents. Thank you and Go Braves!!  

    All the best,

    Mr. Freeman 

    Posted May 28, 2020, 10:12 AM by
  • Graduation
    The Class of 2020 Graduation will be held either on June 25th at the Point Twp Drive-in or June 26th at Shikellamy HS Stadium. The decision on what type and location of graduation will be made on June 12th. This decision will be based on what PA Department of Health and Pennsylvania Department of Education allows for Northumberland County. We will communicate out to everyone whether we will have a video graduation at Point Twp Drive-in or a Socially Distanced Graduation as soon as the decision is made on the 12th of June. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay Strong and Healthy....Go Braves!!
    Posted May 28, 2020, 7:08 AM by
  • Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2020

    Due to the extended closure of schools, the Shikellamy School Board adopted the following minimum graduation requirements according to PA School Code for the Class of 2020 on May 14, 2020:

    4 English credits

    3 Mathematics credits

    3 Science credits

    3 Social Studies credits

    2 Arts and/or Humanities credits

    1 Health and Physical Education credits

    + 5 elective credits

    Posted May 21, 2020, 5:56 AM by Unknown user
  • Work Pick-up
    There will be a work pick-up this Thursday, May 21st and Friday, May 22nd from 11:30-12:00 at the High School.  
    Posted May 20, 2020, 6:57 AM by
  • Caps & Gown Pick-Up
    All seniors can pick up their caps and gowns next week on the following days. Please wear masks and socially distance. 

    Wednesday May 20th from 1-2:30pm
    Thursday May 21st from 3-5pm
    Friday May 22nd from 1-2:30pm 

    We are not making special arrangements and these times are set. If you do not pick up your caps and gowns at these times, you will be unable to do so until the
    following week. Thank you and Go Braves!!

    Posted May 14, 2020, 8:08 AM by
  • SUN Tech - Graduation / Cap & Gown Information
    Dear Shikellamy SUN Tech Students,

    All caps and gowns for Shikellamy SUN Tech graduates will be handed out during the following times at Shikellamy HS Cafe Entrance:

    Wednesday May 20th 1-2:30pm
    Thursday May 21st  3-5pm
    Friday May 22nd from 1-2:30pm

    Graduation will be held Wednesday, May 27, 2020: 


    8-9AM             Ad Art, Machine, Auto   (47 students)

    9-10AM           Carpentry, Collision  (36)

    10-11AM         Computer Networking, Cosmetology (34)

    11-Noon          Criminal Justice, Culinary (34)

    Noon-1PM       Dental, Diesel (31)

    1-2PM             Electrical, Electronics, Health 114 (39)

    2-3PM             Health 201, HVAC (31)

    3-4PM             Masonry, Welding, and Wood

    5-6:30PM        Extras (Jen and anyone who wants to stay)

    Please wear masks and socially distance from other graduates and staff. Thank you and congratulations to all Shikellamy SUN Tech graduates. Go Braves!!
    Posted May 13, 2020, 10:01 AM by
  • Think Big - Virtual Prom
    The #ThinkBIGVirtualProm will be an online prom production that will air on social media on Wednesday May 27th at 7:00 PM. For this event, we are encouraging students to get dressed up as if they were going to the real prom. As they are watching the production, which will be filled with entertainment from DJ’s and local musicians, students should create Zoom and Google Hangout meetings to dance and interact with their peers. They will be posting their pictures to Instagram, their dance moves to TikTok, and using Snapchat filters, all while using the #ThinkBIGVirtualProm hashtag.

    How Do Students Get Involved:
    1. Buy a Ticket To The Prom: Buying a $5 ticket to the prom enables students to be eligible for several $100 gift cards to places like Amazon, Knoebels, Dunkin Donuts, TicketMaster, and Sheetz. Student do not need to buy a ticket to the prom in order to watch the production and participate.
    2. Register as a Fundraiser for Their District: By registering as a fundraiser, students can help their respective districts “win” the #ThinkBIGVirtualProm. Students will be able to create their own unique fundraising page that they can send to friends and family members asking them to donate to ThinkBIG. By registering as a fundraiser for their respective district, they will get a unique fundraising link that will credit all solicited donations to their unique page, and to their district’s page. The top fundraising districts will receive monetary prizes that will be put towards their school’s prom next year. Additionally, the top individual fundraisers across all districts will be crowned the #ThinkBIGVirtualProm King and Queen, and win a $500 Amazon gift card. The website is always live, so students can visit the site at any time to see what districts and what individuals are in the lead.

    How Do Teachers Get Involved:
    1. The students involved in this initial planning commented how much they miss their teachers and want them to be involved with this production. Teachers should also follow the ThinkBIG Facebook page and Instagram page and tune into the production. During the production, teachers will be encouraged to post their dance moves or their throwback prom pictures, while using the hashtags #ThinkBIGVirtualProm and #ThinkBIGVirtualPromChaperone. If allowed, please reach out to your district about posting these videos and images to the district’s Facebook page to allow for students to easily view them.

    Posted May 12, 2020, 5:43 AM by
  • Seniors - Final Transcript Request Form/Post High School Plans
    Every Senior must complete the Final Transcript Request Form/Post High School Plans which is also located on the Guidance webpage. EVERY SENIOR must fill this out so we know what you are doing upon graduation and if you need a final transcript sent to a post-secondary school. You will need to log into the Shikellamy School District webpage, Select High School, and Select Guidance. The Form is called " Final Transcript Request Form/Post High School Plans 2020."  The deadline to submit the form is June 2, 2020.

    Posted May 4, 2020, 7:42 AM by
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