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Demonstration Registration Package $230.00 USD ($200.00 discount off of Regular Registration Fee. Receive all publications including exhibition catalogue, ISS proceedings, bulletins, a conference bag, and the roster of participants)

I. All demonstration entries, juried or invited must be submitted and confirmed by the selection panel. 
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Themes for demonstrations: See 9ISS Panels (click link).
  • Topic may be about your personal work as it relates to the above. 
  • Hands-on samples or tools and equipment are required to demonstrate processes.
II. To register as a 9ISS Demonstrator, follow these easy steps:
  1. Complete the Main Registration Form
  2. Your registration number will be sent. This number is required for the next step.
    1. Fill out the 9ISS Demonstration Form. Registration number required. 
  3. Send the following information to sarah_WSN[at]outlook[dot]com (sarah_WSN@outlook.com)
    • SUBJECT OF EMAIL 9ISS Demonstration LAST NAME First Name (example: 9ISS Demonstration JOHNSON Jon) 
    • 1 to 2 images of what you will be demonstrating
    • 1/2 page CV 0r 50 word bio
    4.  Within 1-3 weeks you will be notified whether your demonstration is included in the program. 
    5.  You will then receive a discount code to purchase your Demonstrators Registration Package of $230.00

III. Additional Opportunity
  •     Promote your organization or sell products?  Purchase a table at $50.00 USD. See instructions.
IV.  Links