About Us

Scandinavian Helicopter Group, or SHG as it is commonly called, was founded in 1988 by Lennart Pihl. At the start the main subsidiary was Osterman Helicopter AB. In time SHG also acquired Heli Flyg AB and merged them with Osterman Helicopter, and together they became Osterman HELIcopter. After many successful years with Osterman HELIcopter, SHG sold their subsidiary to a norwegian company called Helicopter Transportation Group. 

Meanwhile, Martin Pihl, the son of Lennart, together with Pilot Mattias Nilsson re-started the dormant company Laroyflyg AB, and started spreading lime with Helicopters together with MOVAB. 

SHG now specialized in leasing and selling helicopters, until Lennart gradually went into retirement and Martin took the post as CEO of SHG. Laroyflyg was incorporated into the SHG family. 

In 2008 SHG, in a joint project with private investors, acquired the company Norrlandsflyg AB, who were responsible for SAR operations in all of Sweden as well as HEMS operations in two regions (Västra Götaland and Norrbotten.) In 2011 the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) bought the SAR operations from SHG and Norrlandsflyg was divided into two companies. The SAR operations was incorporated into SMA while the HEMS operation continued in Norrlandsflyg Ambulans (NFA.) 

Today we mainly work in three different fields, Leasing, spreading limestone, and HEMS operations, all of them in their respective company.