Dr. Murtaugh's Homepage

      I think I have one of the best jobs in education today. As the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction of the Stone Harbor and Avalon Schools, I am able to watch our students grow from kindergarten to eighth grade.  

    The fact that both schools are small community schools enables our staff to know everyone as an individual. Both schools have enrollments of less than 100 students, a superb instructional staff, together with a committed Board of Education and parents that are willing to make education a priority for each child, this is what makes the Stone Harbor and Avalon Schools UNIQUE!


I  Believe:


  • Every student can be a successful learner.
  • Setting high goals and expectations for all students and staff members is good for our school organization.
  • Continuous professional development is an indicator of a healthy school climate.
  • Our staff members and students must learn how to utilize technology effectively to enhance learning.