Kindergarten Kids                                                                                                   

Welcome to Sherwood Charter School Kindergarten!
We love our kids.  We value safety and community.
All students learn at different rates in different ways.  Through a multi-sensory learning approach, we meet the varied needs of all of our learners. Using ongoing assessment,  progress is continuously monitored throughout the year.
I look forward to partnering with you in your child's education!
we have our specials My classroom teaching is theme based  so Social Studies/Geography/Science will be taught while I teach Math and Language Arts).
Monday/Wednesday- (8:00)morning routine and meeting(8:30)start math, (9:00)P.E., (9:30)snack/finish math, (10:05)recess, (10:20)language art, 11:30 dismissal
Tuesday-(8:00)morning routine and meeting, math, snack, (9:35)music, (10:00)recess, (10:20) language arts, (11:30) dismissal
Thursday-(8:00)morning routine and meeting, (8:30)math, (9:15)snack, (9:25)recess, (9:45)computer lab(math and language focus),(10:20-)language,(11:30)dismissal
, (library 10:20-10:40 every other week)

PM Kindergarten Schedule-
There are 2 options available:
2 days a week-$150.00 per month
4 days a week-$300.00 per month

11:40  car line ends, short recess
11:55-12:30 lunch/recess

-12:35 rest
-12:45 read aloud
-12:55 homework/centers
-1:45  snack
-2:00  recess
-2:20  free choice
-2:45-3:15  computer lab
-3:20  dismiss to car line
-3:25  car line begins
-3:30  school dismissal

 Kindergarten Kids- May 30
  Our three day week whizzed past!  We had an excellent field trip to the theatre.  The children recalled the story that was read to them in class.  It was fun for them to see literature come alive!  The carnival was great fun! 
     Please send your child with DOG and backpack all week next week.  Our school is in the process of moving a few classrooms around and mine is one of them.  I am looking for volunteers who can help move heavy furniture items.  I will be doing this a bit at a time throughout the week so am flexible to when I get the help.  If you can help, will you let know what day and time?  I would sure appreciate it!!  Wednesday is field day (our participation time is 8:30-10:00).  Please send your child to school in our school fun run t-shirt and tennis shoes.  Graduation is a special day so I am encouraging the kids to dress up fancy!
     I have enjoyed teaching your adorable children!  It has been so rewarding to watch them become friends with each other and grow socially and academically!  I have enjoyed working with you as well. Good times!  Know that I appreciate the support you have given us this year!  I trust you will have a great summer!
 Upcoming Events:

June 3- Please send a favorite board or card game (no video games please) to play with big buddies on this day. 
June 3-5- full days -  All kindergarten students will get a taste of what it feels like to be in school from 8:00-3:30.  Please send 2 snacks, a full lunch and a water bottle. 
June 6-Graduation Day- Ceremony starts at 10:45.  Dessert will be held in our classroom.   


                          Mrs. Lisa Sharp

We are the kindergarten class.  We work together, We play together.  We learn together!

Class Mascot- Little Baby George




Good Websites

(all riggs phonograms are seen/voiced on this sight)
abcya.com(various math and language games, keyboarding)
http:www.earobics.com (letter/sound games) (not all the sounds each letter makes is  included so you will need to point that out)

connect ED.mcgraw-hill.com (this is new and I may need to get you a pass code so I will update that info ASAP)