Late Work Policy:  No work after the due date will be accepted.  This policy helps students to take responsibility for themselves and better prepare them for success later in life.  Students who are absent have the number of days they were absent plus one day to turn in work they missed.  It is the student's responsibility to get missed work from their teacher.

Grades will be available online at  All middle school grades will be updated for the week by the following Monday.
The password to login will be the same password you used in prior years.  The password will be sent home with every student soon after school begins.  If you have misplaced the password you were given, send an email to Mr. Baumer at to receive your password that allows you to check your grades.

Jupiter Grades Link

Jupiter Grade Instructions:
1. Go to
2. Click the "Login" tab.
3.  Type Name:     (Student Name)

Password:     Type your password, or click "Forgot Password".

School:     Sherwood Charter School

City:     Sherwood

State:     Oregon
4. It will ask you to choose your own password.
5. Then it will ask you to enter your email.

Grading will be based on the following scale:
 A+ 100+
 A 93+
 A- 90+
 B+ 87+
 B 83+
 B- 80+
 C+ 77+
 C 73+
 C- 70+
 D+ 67+
 D 63+
 D- 60+
 F 59-