Securly Filter Parent Instructions

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Securly is our internet filtering system. Securly's Parent Portal allows parents to see their student’s online activity while using their school-issued device at school and at home. Parents can sign up for weekly reports and (when applicable) add restrictions for device activity at home. While we have an industry-leading filter in place, it’s important to remember that students are responsible for their behavior and actions online at all times.

Parent Portal Instructions:

Securly Parent Portal: Click here to log in

Web Instructions (Secondary Students Only): See this walkthrough to configure home settings - How does the parent manage their child’s settings?

Web Support Forum: Search here for specific questions - Securly Parent Support Home Page

Parent Portal and SecurlyHome from Securly on Vimeo.

Changing Home Filter Settings for your Student’s Chromebook (Secondary Students Only):

For parents of students in grades 6-12 that take home a device, Securly allows parents to add restrictions for device activity outside of the school network. While the school sets the baseline filter settings, Securly allows parents to add additional restrictions as they see fit for use outside of the school network. Securly’s filter does not cover personal devices at home - only school-issued Chromebooks. For questions about your student's filter settings at school, please contact the school directly.

Resetting your Securly Password:

All parents with email addresses on file have a Securly account created. If you don't remember your password, or never received one, parents can reset their Securly password from Securly’s website using the "forgot password" button. The Securly account is linked to the email parents have on file in Synergy. If you have problems accessing your account, please contact your school’s front office to confirm your email address is current with the school.

For additional questions/support:

If you’re having trouble with the online support, or have any additional questions, please contact your school’s front office with any questions. Thank you!