The Sherwood Schools 2016 Capital Bond - At a Glance

Thank you, Sherwood community!  

On Election Day, November 8, 2016, voters in the Sherwood community favored ballot measure 34-254, with a passing approval of 54%. (View the Press Release here.)

As the District moves forward to develop the plans, timelines and expected completion of bond-related projects, that information will be shared regularly through this web site and other communication outlets including the monthly District Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.  

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Learn more about the Bond Visioning Process

Sherwood School District's Board of Directors engaged in discussions regarding a potential bond measure for the November 2016 ballot throughout the last school year and into the summer months of 2016.  After careful consideration of feedback from input- gathering sessions with staff and the community, the Board took action on the decision of a bond at their regular Board meeting on June 8, 2016, approving unanimously that a bond be placed on the ballot this fall.  We have shared with you the progress of the bond conversation within several months of newsletters and Sherwood Gazette articles, as well as on this web site.  

To view the Bond Visioning Process and background information 
related to the development of the bond measure, click here.)


New information regarding the bond projects will be added below.

  • 04/19/17 Bond Oversight Committee - Applications being accepted until 04/23/17
On Wednesday, 4/12, the District began distributing the information and link to the Bond Oversight Committee application.  Applications will be accepted through April 23, 2017, with panel interviews of selected candidates being held on May 9.  To learn more, and to apply, follow the link here:  BOC Info & Application
  • 04/19/17 Vestibule Projects
Quotes have been received from five qualified general contractors for the Archer Glen and Hopkins entry vestibule projects.  2KG Construction was the qualified low bidder and will be awarded the projects, to be completed summer 2017.
  • 04/19/17 RFP Process for CM/GC
The RFP submittal period for the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) for the new high school ended on April 6.  Interviews will be held on April 19.
  • 04/07/17 Students Review Concept Site Plan of New High School
Throughout the design phases for the new high school, Sherwood School District and the architects designing the school, Dull Olson Weekes-IBI Group Architects, Inc., will continue to invite the student voice into the process.  Thursday, April 6, Dr. Heather Cordie's Superintendent's Student Advisory Team (SSAT) met again with DOWA architects Karina Ruiz and David Johnson, who shared the most recent 3-D rendering of the new high school and received student feedback and input.  Of course, there will still be many changes that occur to the building prior to design completion, but it is very exciting to receive the students' feedback and hear their thoughtful questions.
  • 04/05/17 SHS Design Committee
The 7th meeting for the SHS Design Committee was an exciting one!  Members had the opportunity to have the first glimpse at a 3-D rendering of the new high school, and the first true visual of the possibilities for the school.  DOWA architects have done a wonderful job to incorporate all the feedback that they have received from stakeholders - on the committee and from the community sessions.  Next week, April 13, the Design Committee will have the opportunity to travel to Redmond to get an on-site tour of Ridgeview High School.  Additional meetings are scheduled into June for the committee's input through the schematic design phase.
  • 04/03/17 Community Input Session
On the evening of April 3, at Laurel Ridge Middle School, 32 community members attended a session for providing input and asking questions regarding the new high school concept plan and schematic design phase.  Participants received a presentation from the District's architect, Dull Olson Weekes-IBI Group, which detailed the site plan and planned features for the high school site.  Attendees were then asked to review the plans, as well as photos of potential exterior characteristics, to provide feedback and make notes on the plans as to what they liked or what they did not prefer for Sherwood's new school.
  • 03/24/17 CM/GC RFP Process
The District's Owner's Representative, Cornsterstone Management Group, Inc., is leading the RFP process for a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) for the new high school.  Applications are due April 6.
  • 03/17/17 SHS Design Committee
The SHS Design Committee met on Wednesday evening for the last scheduled meeting as part of the design phase of the project.  DOWA representatives, Karina and David, presented the Concept Master Plan to the committee, which illustrated specific possibilities for the construction design based on feedback received from the group and during the community input session over the past several weeks.  It was very exciting to view the first site plans customized for the new Sherwood High School.  The first six meetings of the SHS Design Committee were merely the launching point for this group; four new meeting dates have been identified to continue their work into the schematic design phase.  
  • 03/10/17 SHS Design Committee 
The SHS Design Committee has met for its fourth and fifth meetings recently.  Having narrowed the number of concept plans favored by the group, Karina and David of DOWA guided the participants in providing feedback on specific features of a high school, using “inspirational cards” to record their thoughts.  Images of spaces and elements of different schools were given to the groups and they made notes of those they especially liked or would avoid in a design for Sherwood. 
  • 03/09/17 Community Input Session
Our first Community Input Session related to the design of the new high school was held on March 9, in the cafeteria at Laurel Ridge.  We had a great turnout!  There were 78 in attendance and we received great feedback - and some thought-provoking questions, to be sure - that will help us to consider the thoughts and needs of the community through the final stages of the design phase.  The architects from DOWA, Karina and David, did an exceptional job with their presentation and fielding questions.  We will host a second Community Input Session on April 3, in the LRMS Cafeteria, from 6-8pm.
  • 03/08/17 2017 Summer Projects
The Board of Directors received the list of projects planned to be completed in summer 2017 at the March 8th Board work session.  You can view the list of 2017 Summer Projects here.
  • 03/03/17 Bond Technology Rollout
The District's bond that passed in November 2016 totaled $247.5M. Included in that amount was just over $8 million in funding for instructional technology. We have formed a team that will follow the Future Ready process to guide our implementation and gauge our readiness to implement. This research-based process has been used by many neighboring districts and received great reviews.

The Future Ready team was formed, consisting of teachers, administrators, and a member of the Board of Directors. The Future Ready team met in February and provided the District's administrative team with feedback on potential technology rollout options. The feedback provided was instrumental in clarifying a rollout progression. 

Our plan is to have a 1:1 device deployment at all levels within two years, with the following timeline to rollout student devices:
    • 2016-17 - Technologies are being added district-wide to prepare for an initial rollout and to bring a standard level of service throughout schools at each level
    • 2017-18 - Deploy a Chromebook to each student in grades 6-12 
    • 2018-19 - Deploy carts of Chromebooks to each classroom in grades 3-5; re-deploy existing iPads from grades 3-5 to grades K-2; add new iPads as needed
    • 2019-20 - Deploy new iPads to each classroom in grades K-2, with quantities to be based on teacher feedback 

The next level of work for our Future Ready team is to develop procedures and/or policies for a variety of topics. A major area of focus will be to create a professional development and support plan for administrators, teachers and classified staff. We look forward to keeping you updated as that work progresses.

  • 03/03/17 Due Diligence Work
Due diligence surveying and land analysis continues at the property for the new high school. Work is expected to be completed by March 17, including timber valuation, wetland delineation, Phase II environmental assessment, and site survey.

  • 02/24/17 SHS Students Participate in Design Phase of New High School
Karina Ruiz and David Johnson of DOWA joined Supt. Cordie at the February Superintendent Student Advisory Team (SSAT) meeting, on February 2. It was very beneficial for the architects to learn from the students’ perspectives on what high school features they enjoy, and which hinder their learning or flow of movement through the building. The conversations highlighted the importance of the student voice into this phase of design planning -- so much so, Supt. Cordie has added two more SSAT meetings to the calendar and intends to have DOWA present at the remaining four meetings scheduled this school year, so that they can continue to be part of the discussions and include student input.

  • 02/22/17 Projects Planned for 2017
The Sherwood School District Board of Directors received a list of projects scheduled to be completed with bond funds in 2017 at the Board work session on February 8, 2017. To see the list of projects, visit the Bond Projects page.

  • 02/22/17 New Design Committee Web Page
The SHS Design Committee work is featured on its own page, under Bond Projects. Visit to view updates here!

  • 02/16/17 Debt Issuance
On February 8, the District closed the first debt issue of our bond authorization. We issued $128.4 million, 52%, of our $247.5 million authorization. In addition, we received $10.06 million in premium. After paying issuance costs, there is $137.7 million available now to finance bond projects. We expect the remaining authorization will be issued this time next year. 

  • 02/16/17 SHS Design Committee Work Continues
The SHS Design Committee held its third meeting this week. Facilitated by architects from DOWA, staff, students, administrators, Board members, parents, and community members engage in activities and discussions focused on how best to design the future high school to support the needs of Sherwood students!

  • 02/08/17 SHS Design Committee Kick-Off
January 31 was the first meeting of the newly formed SHS Design Committee. As of February 8, the committee has held two meetings and is expected to meet several more times from now until March. Membership includes high school and District-level administrators, Board members, students, classified and licensed staff, community members, and parents. The DOWA team does a wonderful job of facilitating and setting the stage for future meetings. You can find photos from the committee meetings on Superintendent Heather Cordie's Twitter, @SuptCordie!

  • 02/03/17 Entry Vestibule Renovation
Design work in process for Archer Glen, Middleton and Hopkins Elementary School.

  • 02/03/17 Roof Repair/Replacements
Design work has started for roofing projects at Sherwood High, Sherwood Middle, Archer Glen, and Hopkins.

  • New High School Updates as of January 27!
Visit the New SHS Construction page to see the latest updates regarding the construction of the new high school.
  • 01/20/17 Bond Rating
The bond rating process is complete and the District received very good ratings.  S&P issued a rating of AA+; Moody’s rated us AA2. 
  • 11/29/16 District meets with City Councilors
District staff, Board members, and owner's representative Cornerstone Management Group, Inc., presented the District's plan for the new high school construction to the City of Sherwood in a City Council work session. The purpose of the meeting was to review with the City Council the area desired by the District for building the school, and sharing how the area was selected based on comparative data on other properties within the school district boundaries. The District requested that the City grant access for due diligence activities to learn more about the adjacent property to the selected site which is currently owned by the City of Sherwood; the City Council approved the request during the Council meeting later that evening.

  • 11/09/16 Board of Directors authorizes acquisition of property
At its November 9, 2016, meeting, the Sherwood School District Board of Directors approved a resolution authorizing acquisition of property for the construction of a new high school. The property identified in the resolution is located off Elwert Road, between Kruger and Haide Roads (Tax Lots 200, 201, and 207), and offers approximately 50 acres of regularly-shaped, flat, developable land for the new school.  Property owners in the identified area were notified of the District’s interest in purchasing their property, and were invited to enter into negotiations.  The District is represented by Todd McCabe of the McCabe Real Estate Group.  

Printable Resources

 View the
Informational Flier 

Informational Flier

Download and view renderings of a possible design for a new high school here.

View the Ballot Measure
34-254 Explanatory Statement here.
View information regarding the
Bond Fund-Matching (OSCIM) grant here.

View the Bond Measure FAQ here.

Ballot Measure #34-254

November 8, 2016 Election: 

According to the Oregon Secretary of State’s Election Results Page, Ballot Measure 34-254 was approved with 54% of voters in favor.

Bond Proposal

Bond-funded projects will include:

- District-wide safety and security upgrades

- District-wide deferred maintenance

- Curriculum and technology

- Construction of a new high school on a new site

- Costs associated with the issuance of the bond

Project List

Bond funds will support:
  • Construction of a new high school on a new site, with 2,000 student capacity and 2,400 core capacity (expandable total capacity to 2,400 in a future, second phase)
  • Relocating Laurel Ridge and Sherwood Middle to existing high school campus
  • Relocating Hopkins to Sherwood Middle campus
  • Converting The Ridges campus to two elementary schools
  • Relocating District programs and community spaces to existing Hopkins site

Cost Information

The estimated tax rate on bonds previously approved by voters is $3.70 per $1,000 of assessed value.  If approved, the tax rate is estimated to be $4.20 per $1,000.  The estimated $0.50 rate increase per $1,000 of assessed value would approximate $125 per year on a home assessed at $250,000.  This equals approximately $10.42 per month.


Answers to some of the frequently asked questions related to Ballot Measure 34-254 can be found in the FAQ linked here.