Jeffrey Bruce Feldstein
Grass Valley, California


Software Development and Quality Assurance executive. Specialties include SaaS, Cloud Services, DevOps, Observability, Continuous Integration, Test Automation, Networking, Navigation, Mobile, real-time embedded systems, communications systems, hardware diagnostics and firmware, databases, information systems support, and test technologies. Develop in Java, C/C++, on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux and proprietary multi-tasking, real-time kernels.


7,225,117: Method for generating a simulated network using a graphical user interface
7,272,822: Automatically generating software tests based on metadata
7,418,376: Method for generating a simulated network based on an actual managed network
7,979,849: Automatic model-based testing


Software Test and Performance Magazine: Boost Software Quality With a More Testable Architecture (April 2006, Vol 3. No. 4)
Software Test and Performance Magazine
: The Importance of Lifecycle Management (January 2006, Vol 3. No. 1)
IBM Developer Works: Model-based testing using IBM Rational Functional Tester (June 2005)
Software Test and Performance Magazine: Model-based Testing: Not for Dummies (February 2005 Vol. 2, No. 1)


Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science awarded by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 1982.


Oct 2012 -

Zuora, San Mateo, California
Principal Software Engineer (July 2015 - Present)
As a member of the TechOps team, provide critical tooling for Operations, Continuous Integration, Synthetic Transactions and Observability. Created a standard for synthetic transactions and implemented the standard for several critical aspects of Zuora's features. These transactions operate via roughly 50 test tenants (hosted in AWS) and run 24x7, to ensure the end-user experience is functioning correctly. Operations and development teams are automatically alerted when a problem is detected. Developed an observability infrastructure for storing, reporting and alerting on key metrics. Based primarily on open-source tooling (Graphite and Grafana), the system is currently operating at 8K metrics per second and has been scale tested to 125K metrics per second. Teamed with developers to build a standard way for reporting metrics from Zuora's micro-services.

Senior Director, Engineering Tools and Automation  (May 2014 - June 2015)
As an individual contributor, provide tooling and system administration for development and QA environments across Zuora's engineering organization. System Administration includes the Atlassian suite of tools (Jira/Confluence/Stash(git)/Crucible-Fisheye) hosted in AWS. Automation includes chef managed, AWS hosted QA infrastructure,  used for Continuous Integration (Jenkins), manual, system, and performance testing. In addition, wrote and deployed a synthetic transaction system to check for system availability and alert the organization to availability issues prior to customer's reporting the issue. Led, the effort to unify developer workflows and increase productivity by switching from a loosely coupled svn and scrum manager system to an integrated git implementation utilizing Atlassian Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence and Crucible.

Senior Director, Quality Assurance  (October 2012 - May 2014)
Zuora is a cloud-based SaaS provider of subscription billing services. Responsible for Zuora's entire Quality Assurance organization. Inherited a strong QA organization from a functional testing point of view. Augmented existing talent with system testers, automation architects and software engineers in test to round-out the department's skill-set. Lead the effort to improve quality while simultaneously enabling Zuora to quickly scale while increasing reliability. Ported the on-premise continuous integration and automation environment to HPCloud and then Amazon Web Services (AWS), including secure VPNs and automated user management using chef. Improved stability of the CI environment as well as increased test throughput through automated automation deployment. Testing is done via a combination of JUnit API tests, JMeter performance, reliability and system tests, and browser compatibility testing.

Jan 2012 -
Oct 2012

Telenav, Sunnyvale, California
Senior Director, Quality Assurance 
Responsible for Telenav's entire Quality Assurance organization. Team size is roughly ninety-five with major development centers in Sunnyvale, Shanghai and Xi'an. Products include mobile, navigation, social, advertising, search and automotive products as well as the production cloud data servers. Introduced standard quality assurance practices and principles throughout the organization including test tracking, quality measurements, escape analysis, and transparency. Re-architected the API-based automation to function in a continuous integration environment. Lead the organization in reaching out to customer both before and general release (through multi-level beta tests) and after release through customer feedback. Improved quality on several Telenav's flagship navigation productions for both mobile users and automobile partners.

July 2011 -
Dec 2011

CA Technologies, Redwood City, California
Senior Software Architect 
Technical Lead for a the Clarity V13 performance test and verification team. Guide a team of Performance engineers to implement a performance test plan, including automated load testing, based on technology chosen prior to my joining the team. Balance the needs of quick results while architecting a long term strategy to be used in future releases.

Aug. 1999 -
July 2011

Cisco Systems, San Jose, California
Senior Manager, Software Development (February 2009 -July 2011)
Managed a team of eleven Software Quality Engineers, in a Agile environment to build a Java and C++ based platform used in several of Cisco's network management applications. This platform consists of a run-time API-based platform as well as a javascript & flex GUI widget toolkit. Also responsible for release engineering and creating a virtual lab environment (Cisco UCS/VMWare) for all testing. The development environment is based on Hudson/Maven/Nexus/Subversion and includes a continuously integrated, fully automated unit and functional testing, including integrated static analysis and code coverage.

Senior Manager, Software Development (September 2004 - January 2009)
Managed a variety of teams ranging in size from six to eighty software engineers developing highly-engineered automated tests and test infrastructures. The largest team was located in several sites in the US, Israel and India. The software software under test were various portions of Cisco's Network Management platforms and manages devices, networks, and users for large scale enterprises as well as service providers. The sofware is developed primarily in Java with some key components in C++. The test automation systems are also written in Java and are designed as zero-touch fully-automatic systems to perform feature, system, performance, reliability, scale and stress testing. The stated goal of the automation is that it be error-resilient and integrated with developer's unit tests, constant performance measuring, code coverage, network utilization and supports Model-Based Testing.

Manager, Software Development (November 2000 - September 2004)
Manage a team of eleven software engineers in the development of technology and tools used for automated testing of browser-based Network Management products. Test tools include a vendor-independent test execution controller and framework, a full-featured network simulator, and a model-based test generator. Developed in Java and C, these tools are used by several Cisco business units.

Technical Lead (August 1999 - November 2000)
Technical lead for a team of eleven test engineers, located in Santa Barbara, San Jose, and Chennai, India. Responsible for the overall quality of Campus Manager - an application which is part of Cisco's Enterprise Network Management tool, CiscoWorks 2000. Designed, configured, and maintained a complex test bed consisting of many Cisco routers, LAN and ATM switches. Developed test plans, executed regression tests, and ensured the accuracy of the results. This position required a sound foundation in TCP/IP, Ethernet, ATM, and Cisco LAN Switching. My primary focus was testing and development support rather than direct software development.

Feb. 1998 - 
Aug. 1999

Ericsson/Advanced Computer Communications, Santa Barbara, California
Technical Lead, Sustaining Engineering
ACC is a developer of Inter-networking Routers and Switches used by Carrier Service Providers, Internet Service Providers, and corporate enterprises.  ACC was purchased by Ericsson in 1998. As a member of the Sustaining Engineering team, I addressed defects and developed quick enhancements to commercially released software. Areas of code included PPP, Multilink, Frame Relay, ISDN, diagnostics, firmware, and protocols. As Technical Lead, I lead the nine member engineering team in development strategy, candidate selection, and internal technical documentation. I visited critical customer sites when issues could not be solved through the usual support channels.

June 1996 - 
Aug. 1997

Cisco Systems, Santa Barbara, California 
Software Engineer 
As a member of a development team, developed a new voice and data router/switch. My primary focus was bootstrap code, hardware diagnostics, and drivers. Worked on some internals of Cisco’s router operating system IOS (Internetworking Operation System). Developed in C and assembler for Motorola 68360, Texas Instruments DSPs, and SPARC RISC processors.

Jan. 1993 - 
Feb. 1998

Software Sherpas, Santa Barbara, California 
As an independent consultant, specialized in custom and commercial database packages, hosted PCs and UNIX computers. Subcontracted through small and large companies and the United States Navy. Spent five months working for Taltec Systems. At Taltec, I helped develop real-time, multi-tasking, state-machine based, embedded software, which runs on a PC under QNX. The embedded system is a robot controller used to handle, test, and sort Pentium II chip carriers before delivery to Intel.

Jun. 1994 - 
Jun. 1996

QAD, Carpinteria, California 
Software Engineer 
Wrote a complete install and MFG/PRO system administration package developed in an event-driven manner and operating on both Microsoft Windows and character-based terminals.

Jan. 1988 - 
Nov. 1993

Telos Consulting Services, Santa Barbara, California 
Senior Technical Consultant 
Performed many software and hardware tasks for over thirty clients. 
Clients included:

  • Private companies 
  • Public corporations
  • County and municipal governments
  • University of California
  • United States Air Force

Tasks included:

  • Managing a seven person, 1.5 million dollar Information Systems Department.
  • Installation, customization, and support of manufacturing applications in UNIX.
  • In-vehicle navigation system development for Delco/General Motors.
  • Shipboard chaff launcher controller for Comptek Research.
  • Database applications sold to the landscape industry for Acacia Software.
  • Client tracking and inventory control databases.
  • Implementation and administration of local and wide area networks.
  • Technical lead on multi-programmer projects.

Jan. 1987 - 
Jan. 1988

Forum Systems, Santa Barbara, California 
Senior Software Engineer 
Member of a team developing an office automation and communication product called PC/FORUM, which was a PC-based application written in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft C. Designed and implemented major portions of the product. Designed and managed the baseline development and source control library system.

Mar. 1985 - 
Dec. 1986 

Ashton-Tate, La Crescenta, California 
Systems Analyst 
Member of the core development team for dBASE III PLUS. Designed and implemented internals of many aspects of the product including the view, copy and export commands. dBASE was written in C and assembler using both UNIX and IBM PC-AT development environments. Involved in new product development.

June 1983 - 
March 1985 

CXC Corporation, Irvine, California 
Software Support Engineer 
Support Pascal and Assembler software on a digital PBX. Designed and implemented a database package for problem tracking and reporting which utilized a VAX 11/780 running VMS written in Pascal. Project lead for the effort to enhance and maintain this system. I wrote several PBX support diagnostic utilities. Installed and supported several beta-test phone systems nationwide.

June 1982 - 
June 1983 

Burroughs Corporation, City of Industry, California 
Systems Analyst 
Supported the performance measuring system, (SMFII), built for Burroughs Large Systems (B5000/6000/7000). Designed and implemented enhancements to the real-time system performance data gathering program including the changes necessary to run on Burroughs B7900. All programming used ALGOL and its specialized derivatives.

June 1981 - 
June 1982

National Data Processing, Wilmington, North Carolina 
Software Specialist. Contracted to General Electric Company
Developed several FORTRAN IV packages on a Honeywell 6000 - included various interactive and batch utility programs used in the Radiation Safety Database and the Liquid Waste Management System.


Many outdoor activities including bicycling, kayaking, hiking, and photography. Licensed amateur radio operator (K9BZ). Musical interests include playing fiddle, guitar, and drums.


Available upon request.