Shenendehowa Speech and Language Department

Speech and Language Therapists

3/1 Service Delivery Model

The model, known as a 3/1 model, provides students with three weeks of direct service and one week of collaborative services. The 3/1 model is promoted by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Research indicates that this model provides more consistent services to students and increases collaboration time with teachers and parents.

The 3/1 model provides a higher quality of service to students and teaching staff as it allows for direct small group intervention and the generalization of speech and language skills in the classroom and general school settings. The implementation of this model benefits students and teachers by improving effectiveness in the following ways:

Observations of your child’s speech/language skills within the classroom setting Collaboration with your child’s teacher to ensure speech/language intervention is connected with the core curriculum Small group intervention directly related to classroom standards and grade-level expectations and academic achievement Support the district’s goals of collaboration, 21st century skills, response to intervention (RtI) co-teaching and increased inclusive education.

Your child will continue to receive services indicated on his/her IEP. Intensive small group therapy will be provided for three weeks each month and the fourth week will be a combination of consultation (with teachers, aides, other therapists and parents), observation, assessment and planning.

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Karigon/Private Schools
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Middle Schools
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