Skano Partnership Team

Our Mission Statement     

The mission of the Partnership Team is to collaborate with our staff, parents, and community to improve educational opportunities in meeting the needs of all students.

In unity, we will achieve.

Our History

Skano’s move toward school-based management began in the 1987-1988 school year.  This effort evolved into the current  School Partnership Team.  Mandated by the New York State New Compact for Learning, the team is driven by the belief that the most effective decisions are made when those affected are involved in the decision-making process.

Suggestions or Concerns

Any stakeholder may complete a Partnership Goals, Suggestions or Concerns Form if they have a proposal or concern that they would like to be addressed by our team.  

Printed forms are available in the main office at Skano, or you may electronically submit your query by clicking here.   

Frequently Asked Questions & Answer

Q.  What are some of the responsibilities of the Skano Partnership Team (SPT)?
     A.  Some of the responsibilities are:

    • Goals/Improvement Plan
    • Oversees Action Teams
    • Address suggestions/concerns

Q.  Who is on the Partnership Team?
     A.  The Team is made up of four teachers, four parents, four non-instructional support  personnel,              as well as the building principal and Board of Education liaison.

Q.  How are members selected?
     A.  Each stakeholder group is responsible for nominating and electing their representative.

Q.  If I'm interested in joining SPT, whom should I tell?
     A.  Teachers - STA Representative
           Non-Instructional staff - Principal's Secretary
           Parents - PTA President

Q.  How long does someone serve on the team?
     A.   Members serve a three year term and are rotated off so only one member from each                              stakeholder group leaves each year.

Q.  How often does SPT meet?
     A.   The team meets once a quarter.

Q.  How does the SPT communicate with the Skano community?
     A.  The SPT reports at all PTA and faculty meetings.  

Q.  I have suggestions for the team or a concern I want 
addressed, how do I contact SPT?

     A.  Suggestions or concerns can be written on the SPT brochure. Completed forms should be left             in the main office.  Brochures are available in the Skano lobby or you can contact the SPT by               clicking here

Q.  Will I get a response to my suggestion or concern?
     A.  Yes, all suggestions or concerns are returned to the person making the suggestion or concern
          along with action taken by the SPT.  

Team Members

     Jill Florio, Principal

     Michele Britz
     Mary DeSantis
     Amy Banagan

Gina Downey
   Jodi Pearlman
   Fran Matson
   Marylee Carey     

Elizabeth Desbiens
     Kathy Ozimek

Board of Education Liaison:
     Gary DiLallo