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10 Ideas for using Google Draw

posted Apr 29, 2015, 8:53 AM by John Bullington   [ updated Oct 13, 2017, 8:29 AM ]
Google Draw often gets overlooked as a collaboration tool. All of the following ideas can easily be adapted to a single student or groups of students working together. Drawings can be shared and assigned just like any other Google tool. All of the comments in the samples below are mine, but imagine them being done by different students. Comments don't appear in the previews below you will have to open the actual drawing to see samples of the comments. Special thanks to @jcalvert4 for tuning me into using Google Drawing in the classroom

1-  Annotate a Map -
Insert a map and have students label features of the map or make it into an Infographic.

Geography - 4th

2 - Political Cartoon analysis

Political cartoon

3 - Science animal adaption photo analysis - Use diagrams or photos of animals to explain adapting to their environment.

Animal Adaptions

4 - Identifying parts of Body - (1 Student labels part, 1 student explains functions, 1 student how it breaks down.)

Parts of the Body.

5 - Photographic Analysis

Photographic Analysis

6 - Topographic map labelling in Earth Science

Topographic map

7 - Picture bank for mindmapping

Branches of Government

8 - Drawing templates

9 - Labelling a diagram


10 - Drawing as image maps in Google Site

election of 1860