Shen Summer Reading 2017

Experts in the field of literacy have long encouraged students to read during the summer as it enhances literacy skills developed throughout the school year. Reading for enjoyment is a practice that helps children increase their vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. It is extremely important for all students to read over the summer, particularly those students receiving Academic Intervention Services (AIS).

We strongly encourage reading throughout the summer, and before returning to school in September all students should read at least one book of his/her choice. The book(s) should be at the student’s appropriate reading level.  Students may choose from lists crafted by the Shenendehowa librarians, but are not required to.  Since our goal is to keep students reading over the summer, and support a love of reading, students and families are free to choose an appropriate selection.

Upon returning to school in September, students in grades 6-9 will be asked by their reading or English teacher to complete an in-class writing assignment based on the book(s) he/she read over the summer.* The topic of the in-class writing will vary from teacher to teacher.  Students may use a graphic organizer to keep track of summer reading.  It will help them remember details and “hold their thinking.”

*Please note, students enrolled in enrichment, honors or acceleration may have a different, course-specific summer reading assignment.


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K-5 Summer Summer Reading Guide

Grade 6 Titles of Interest

Grade 7 Titles of Interest

Grade 8 Titles of Interest

Grade 9 Titles of Interest


Grade 6 Summer Reading Cover Letter

Grade 7 Summer Reading Cover Letter

Grade 8 Summer Reading Cover Letter

Grade 9 Summer Reading Cover Letter



Grade 6 Graphic Organizer

Grade 7-8 Graphic Organizer


 Grade 9 Summer Reading Graphic Organizer


9th Honors Summer Reading Assignment