Shen P.R.I.D.E. 

Prepared  Respectful  Involved  Determined  Engaged


Shen PRIDE is a school-wide initiative aimed at improving the culture of the Shenendehowa High School community. 

This initiative is based on a program designed to improve school culture and is being utilized in schools across the country. For more information, please visit

The members of the Shen PRIDE committee are:
Anne Moore, Cathleen Drago, Chris Douglas, Darrah Osgood, Dave Hart, John Salls, Kathy McCartney, Kevin Allison, Kris Lennon-McMahan, Kristen Lombardi, Lauren DiGianni, Liz Utzig, Matt Heckman, Megan Gifford, Shari Little, Steve Smith, Wendy O'Brien, Stephanie Carlton, Kristen Schram, Joli McKay, Laura Tarlo, Lisa David, Kelly Kielty

Mission Statement: 
The Shenendehowa PRIDE team will foster and promote a safe, positive and effective school environment that enhances student learning through teaching, encouraging and recognizing positive behavior.