ing Program is a twenty minute assembly for children in grades one through three.  Okte's staff and students believe that it is important to begin each day in a positive   way - ready and eager to learn!  Morning Program is designed to help children feel pride in themselves, their classroom, school, home, and community.  It encourages and reinforces proper behavior and includes character education.  Morning Program enhances the existing curriculum through special programs, guest presentations, and student involvement. 



 During Morning Program, we sing and sign to songs that teach us about community, respect, and how to be a good friend.  We recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing a Patriotic song, as well.  All students and staff recite our Mission Statement.  Weekly student helpers from each grade level present the date, weather & season, and number of days we have been in school.  Announcements and achievements are shared, as well as birthdays.  There are daily educational presentations. 


Guests are invited to attend Morning Program from 9:15-9:35, daily.  Every week, third graders are trained to be greeters.  When you visit Morning Program, a smiling 3rd grader will shake your hand and welcome you to our program.  You will be asked to take a seat at the back of the cafeteria.  Students use the microphone to introduce new special guests to the Morning Program assembly.  The audience then welcomes the guests to our school.

Birthdays are recognized.  The birthday child or adult receives a special birthday pencil.  The audience sings and signs our unique song.  The person celebrating their birthday is encouraged to bring pennies that represent their age.  The pennies are donated to a local charity.

Occasionally, a student or staff member leaves Okte.  In this case, a special "Adios" song is sung to wish them well.

At the conclusion of Morning Program, a designated 3rd grader works with the MC to recite our Mission Statement.

Please check our monthly calendar of events for special programs or presentations that might be of interest.  Also, dates in which Morning Program is not in session will be clearly marked on the monthly calendar, so that you can plan accordingly.