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Every week, the Journalist and Co-Journalist work together to create a picture of what students learn during the 40-minute Reading block. There are nine classroom jobs in all that change on a weekly rotating basis. This weekly journalist report is for your reading pleasure!

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Socratic Seminar# 1 Transcript from 12/1/2017

Article: Study Proves Pro Football Causes Brain Damage

Logan - on lines 30-31 i was struck that nfl doesn’t believe in CTE even though there’s a ton of evidence pointing to that and i can’t believe

Andy - piggybacking on what logan said - on line 14 it  says CTE can affect person’s behavior and number of people can be very dangerous

Sophia - just like andy said - where it affects memory and

Ari - i respect your claim, however in my opinion, i don’t agree and on lines 39  i was shocked how brain injury ca destroy person’s life

Eddie - on line 32-33 it says that college gets less chance of getting CTE

Matthew - on lines 13,14,16 i never thought CTE was affecting that many players brain and causing that many issues

Joclynn - on line 10, i never thought CTE could affect that many players

Riley - on line 13 i didn't know that

Connor - piggybacking on jocelyn - line 9 -10 only 1 of 111 didn’t have CTE

Mason - on line 20  

Gavin - on line 21 it says all but 1 of 11 1nfl players

Sabrina - on line 24 couldn’t believe players asked for changes to the game

Ryan - line 20  I was surprised that of 202 fob players that 111 had CTE

Logan on lines 43-44 did not know there was such a big study on CTE

Ari - the way i see it, i think it is shocking that players did want to switch rules and not all dead players had CTE but most of them did that was scary and i would probably stop playing

Matt - you propose that but i’m going to disagree but i’m kind of surprised that many players are hit in the head that much… i invite eddie to speak

Eddie - you make a great point but most people do get it but get bad injuries but

Ari - piggybacking on what eddie said - anything can happen honestly but it’s more head traumas you get - invite mason

Mason - that’s crazy - on 10 - crazy that 110 out of 111

Ryan - on line 10 it states disease started after a few years of playing - i think that’s insane - it starts so quickly

Matt - i’m wondering how many years to develop the disease

Ari - i agree - it is really weird because - did it say they knew - so imagine you plya for a few years and the year after you get it

Andy - gavin - we haven’t heard from you - what do you think?

Gavin - i’ve been playing football for 5 years

Groups switch: Inner to outer / Outer to inner

Kevin - i am super surprised that no matter which sport - as long as you get hit in head so many times you still get CTE no matter what

Chloe - on line 9 - - crazy how many people had the brain disease - also on line 10

Ella - line 9  - surprised that only 1 out of 111

Armin - surprised that only 1 of 111 didn’t have CTE

Michael - 29 - understanding changed - first i thought it was just nfl players who had CTE

Zach - line 10 new study - 111 nfl players all but 1 had brain disease - shocked how many players had it

Ashley - line 20- surprised that many players had CTE just from getting hit in the head multiple times

Grace - line 11-12 shocked disease makes you so sick

Stephanie - shocked only 1 person did not have CTE in nfl

Connor - nfl players deny CTE is a problem

Lily - in  my opinion, line 20 - shocked 177 out of 202 with CTE

Hannah - on lines 36-37 I was surprised by how many football players have shorter lives

Tayyeb - on lines 33-34 - 3 out of 14 high school players -  i was surprised it could develop at that age

Ava - lines 18 - 19 diff varieties of people who play football donated brains to science - thought it was interesting but gross

Kevin - piggybacking on what ella said - line 9 - one out of 111 - agree it’s really amazing and pretty scary

Connor - in addition how they examine 202 players that died and found 177 to have them CTE

Stephanie - (invites ashley)

Ashley - i also thought it was pretty cool that in order to find out you had to look at their brain to help prevent it from happening

Hannah - i disagree that it was cool - i thought it was gross

Lily - piggybacking on what hannah said i feel it was pretty gross - i think it’s nice to donate but it is kind of gross to think about it because when you die you want to be buried

Kevin - (invites tayyeb)

Tayyeb- you have to think about other people's lives - i can see where you're coming from where it might be gross or disrespectful but you've got to find out more about the disease

Michael - in my opinion, CTE shouldn’t ruin the nfl -they need to look into the gear and how they can protect themselves

Collin - i was shocked - i invite armin to speak

Armin - i disagree because if they keep doing it they can get sued for ruining the sport

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