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Every week, the Journalist and Co-Journalist work together to create a picture of what students learn during the 40-minute Reading block. There are nine classroom jobs in all that change on a weekly rotating basis. This weekly journalist report is for your reading pleasure!

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Socratic Seminar# 1 Transcript from 12/1/2017

Article: Study Proves Pro Football Causes Brain Damage

Anthony - on para 7 i was shocked only 1 out of 111 players did not have CTE

Sydney - para 12- my understanding changed when it said only 3 out of 14 were found to have CTE

Alexi - on para 14 i didn’t know that brain injuries can shorten a person’s life

Colin - on para 1 i didn’t know how dangerous it could be for most players

Braiden - in para 11 i didn't know it’s still unclear how common CTE is although they have done studies showing just nfl players

Matt - para 11 - never thought nfl cared more about money

Nate - para 2 - i was surprised 1 out of 111 did not have CTE

Ashlee - para 7 i was confused how many people if they’re sure, not sure they have CTE

Grace - para 14 - i was surprised how CTE could shorten the football players’ life

Anthony - at first i thought para 14 that CTE i didn’t think it was so bad at first but when i read it could shorten someone’s life - i was shocked

Braiden - adding onto what Anthony said, on para 9 i was shocked the nfl would “fight… in the future” - i really said what matthew said, they just want the money they don't’ care about health

Nate - invites Colin

Ashlee - i agree w/Braiden - about how like so weird about they don’t care about the players’ health, they only care about the money because apparently they love money, they should use the money to get better equipment or headgear

Braiden - on para 2 - it said a new study - i was wondering how new this study is, because it was done 8/7/2017, the new study could be 2012

Nate - adding onto that i didn’t agree w/Braiden because we don’t really know if this study was made a long time ago

Anthony - adding onto what braiden said with how many injuries the CTE people got, back then, out of the 202 people, it kind of seems like back then people didn’t have as much CTE as people did these days because 110 did and 177 back then did and 25 didn’t

Groups switch: Inner to outer / Outer to inner

Edie - one question  - that how many symptoms that come w/CTE if someone has it because on para 13 it lists symptoms like behavioral or mood symptoms or confused thinking, memory loss, unhappy or angry for no clear reason - dementia, alzheimer's…

Lilly- on line 2 i was shocked when it said only 1 out of 111 players had CTE because i didn’t think that many football players had the disease

Sam - para 11 i was shocked about how hard nfl bosses are trying to convince us that the disease is untrue - it’s already been proven really

Alex - i was shocked on para 12 that the latest study suggests the longer you play football the more common the chances to get it and i was wondering if they have helmets how they can get the disease more than other people

Josh - on para 8 i was shocked that the nfl cares more about the $ rather than the safety

Ashton - on para 9 - i believe the NFL shouldn’t change the rules, just don’t play football

Jayden - based on para 7 i have come to the conclusion that the helmets aren’t really helping, they're barely doing nothing, 177 out of 202 players still getting the disease

Callie - para 2 - it states … that shocked me because how many people actually had it?

Sam - i also wanted to add that because everyone is really - everyone in the thing is trying to hide it - and scientists have already proved it - like on para 10  … that’s a lot - how are they trying to hide it, if it was the exact opposite then it would be untrue, maybe, like unclear, but it’s really not unclear, it’s really true

Jayden - to add onto what sammy said, if there wasn’t a lot of people who had it but since there’s 110 out of 111 who have it a lot of people care except for the coaches

Josh - i support sammy’s claim but unless i heard it wrong we still aren’t sure what year the study was taken

Samy - i disagree with that, but i’m sure there’s a date

Josh - the caption says

Alex - aback to what josh says, he’s right it doesn’t really say it, but i think piggybacking off of what sammy said too, it’s really common but people are just trying to hide it

Ashton- what do you think?

Ashton - i disagree w/you because you can’t really hide it that much - once you die you can figure it out

Alex -i disagree because i never said that

Sam - i respect your clm however in my opinion i actually think they could use the money to buy equipment like ashley said, they could use the money to buy better gear because they  have the technology and other things to work because i know that some things, like they’ve made helmets that can move w/your head that pads it

Ashton - i agree w/that - callie what do you think

Callie- how do they know the CTE is connected w/mood swings and symptoms - how do they know it’s connected?

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