Volunteer Policy - Board of Education



2013  3150

          Community Relations




The Board of Education recognizes that a school volunteer program is an important support to the District’s instructional programs and extracurricular activities.  Parents/legal guardians and community residents have much to contribute to students’ learning and full involvement in school. Therefore, the District will:


  1. Encourage volunteerism that provides enrichment of instruction to help build an understanding of District/school programs and goals.


  2. Create a climate that fosters and supports family participation in the schools.


  3. Support the link between parental involvement and student achievement.

    d.  Bring community resources into our school and programs 

Volunteers will provide assistance for student activities under the direct supervision of a staff member designated by the building principal.  A volunteer may supervise students or student activities under indirect supervision of such staff members when that volunteer has received direction or guidance for an activity by a staff member, or if appropriate, formal training specific to the activity. The involvements of volunteers on field trips are further regulated by the Field Trip (8460) policy.

The Superintendent and his/her designees (i.e. building principals) are authorized to select, place, and replace volunteers in accordance with established criteria and guidelines, including orientation training, which will be developed to implement the terms of this policy. 



    Volunteer Protection Act of 1997,

    42 United States Code (USC) Section 14501 et seq.

    Education Law Sections 3023 and 3028

    Public Officers Law Section 18




    Refer to Policy: 8460 Field Trips


    Refer to Regulations: 3150R School Volunteers; 8460R Field Trips


    Refer to Form: 3150F School Volunteer Application;



    Adopted:  February 13, 2007

    Revised:  January 11, 2011; February 12, 2013