Frequently Asked Questions




What might I be asked to do as a volunteer?  We'll do our best to match your interests and experiences with our needs - everything from general classroom help, library assistance to field trip help and special events. Our goal is to optimize volunteers, students and staff members' experience.

When are volunteers needed?  Generally, help is needed during the school day, but there are the possibilities for after school or evening work for special events.

Which students will I be working with?  We have K-12 needs.

Can I help if I never worked in a school?  Yes.  Again, it's about matching your interests with our needs.


Does Shen require a specific time commitment?  The time spent volunteering is totally dependent on your availability and the type of volunteer work.

Will I be trained?  Yes, you will receive specific instructions and guidance and a staff member will always be nearby for questions and help.

How do I get started if I would like to volunteer? Please go to this linkwhere you will find the following to help orient you to volunteering at Shen.


If I volunteer, will I be taking a paid job away from someone?  No, we need help that has been traditionally done by volunteers. 


Why is Shen looking for volunteers at this time?  We are working to broaden our active parent base to other community members who have an interest in our schools and education in general.  In addition to enriching students’ learning, we would like our residents to have a better understanding of our schools and programs and to become an active participant in our large district.