Tournament Rules

All groups holding tournaments at Shenendehowa must follow the guidelines.  Please take note of the following rules as they pertain to use of facilities:


  1. Each sponsoring organization must fill out and submit to the Community Services Office a Request for Use of Facilities License for approval to use Shenendehowa’s facilities.
  2. Each sponsoring organization must provide a certificate of insurance to the Community Services Office at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament.  Please visit the Community Services Office web page at concerning the specific requirements for the insurance certificate.
  3. All groups are responsible for making sure no food or drink enters the gymnasiums.  Each group must reserve a cafeteria to serve as a concession area to help alleviate the problem of food and drink in the gyms.  Group representatives should be posted at the doors to the gym to keep food and drink from entering the gym.
  4. All groups must make sure that all children are supervised at all times.  Everyone attending the tournament should remain in the designated tournament areas and not wander the halls of the schools.  It is important to ensure that no spectators (especially children) go under the bleachers in the gym.  This can be a danger to the individual and may result in damage to the equipment. 
  5. In case of a fire alarm, all participants and spectators must evacuate the building. 
  6. All groups should notify the Community Services Office regarding the individual who will be responsible each day of the tournament for the sponsoring organization.  Please provide a name and cell number for our use in case of questions or an emergency.  The Community Services Office will provide the group with the on-duty cleaner’s names and any phone number if available.
  7. Shenendehowa will provide trash cans for use by the group during the tournament.  Please assure that attendees use these cans for trash to minimize clean up time.
  8. Each sponsoring organization should provide the Community Services office with any table and chair requests for the tournament prior to the beginning day of the tournament.  Our custodial staff will do their best to meet these needs. 
  9. There should be no electrical cords taped to the floor.  Depending on location, these cords may create a tripping hazard.  Electrical/duct tape also takes the finish off the gym floors.  Shen does not provide electrical cords for use by community groups, and any cords used must be arranged so as to not create a safety hazard.
  10. Each group should have a representative available to periodically check the areas used by the tournament to assure that no damage has occurred and youth are not unsupervised. Groups will be billed for any damage that should occur while a facility is in use for a tournament.
  11. Each sponsoring organization should have an alternate plan should the shot clock and/or scoreboard in the gym(s) not work at the time of your tournament.
  12. The Community Services office will bill each sponsoring organization for the use of Shen’s facilities at the conclusion of your tournament.  Please contact the Community Services Office at 881-0612 to determine your specific fee for renting the facilities.