General Facility Use Rules

General Rules for Facility Use

      1.  The District requires a member of its staff to be on the premises whenever a facility is in   use.  Additional specialized staff may be required if school equipment and/or kitchen facilities will be used.  Use of the school’s auditorium audio or visual equipment may require hiring a stage manager employed by the school.


       2.  Buildings are closed to community groups by 10:00 p.m., unless an exception is approved by the Community Services Coordinator or building principal.


       3.  No user may alter school property or equipment, and school property or equipment may be utilized or moved only with specific prior permission.  The group using the facility will be responsible for reimbursing the District, in an amount to be determined by the District, for loss of or damage to school property or equipment while in use by the group.  The District reserves the right to charge an incremental cost for use of certain equipment as deemed necessary.


 4.  No food or drink will be allowed in any of the District’s auditoriums or gymnasiums.  Rooms should be left in the condition in which they were found.  Fees will be charged for excess cleaning as needed.  Each group contact is responsible for enforcing this rule.


5.  Only soft-soled shoes will be allowed on the HSE auditorium stage and each building’s gymnasium floors, in order to maintain optimum condition of these facilities.  All facilities will be scheduled, taking into account the size and needs of each group and the proper maintenance and care of each facility.  In certain circumstances, a particular activity may be barred from taking place in a facility as a result of previous damage to the facility, or potential harm to participants or property.


6.  Please see “Responsibilities” on page 3 .  Violations by user groups or poor financial         standing may result in the denial of future requests by that group for use of school property.


Maintenance of Public Order on School Property

It is our expectation that every member of the Shenendehowa community will contribute to and accept responsibility for an orderly and respectful climate while in our school buildings and on our school grounds, as described in the Shenendehowa Code of Conduct for the Maintenance of Order on School Property (Board of Education Policy 5310).


  1. Prohibited Conduct

    No person, either singly or in concert with others, shall on school District property:

    -  Intentionally cause physical injury to any other person, or threaten to do so for the purpose of compelling or inducing any other person to perform or refrain from performing any act.

    -  Engage in threats, intimidation and/or extortion of any other person.

    -  Physically restrain or detain any other person, nor remove such person from any place where he is authorized to remain.

    -  Use, possess or distribute alcoholic beverages or tobacco.

    -  Smoke in any part of Shenendehowa Central School District buildings or school grounds.

    -  Willfully damage or destroy property of the school District or property under its jurisdiction nor remove or use such property without authorization.

    -  Engage in theft of, or damage to, or defacement of any school District property or property of any other person.

    -  Enter into and remain in any building, facility, office or room for any purpose other than its authorized uses or in such manner as to obstruct its authorized use by others.

    -  Obstruct the free movement of persons and vehicles in any place to which these rules apply.

    -  Refuse to leave any building or facility after being required to do so by any person responsible for the maintenance of order in a building or facility.

    -  Loiter in school buildings or on school grounds.  Loitering is remaining in or near school buildings and grounds with no reason for being there and with no authority or written permission to remain.

    -  Willfully set fire to school District property, tamper with or obstruct any safety measures such as fire extinguishers, alarm systems, posted fire regulations, water sprinklers, fire doors, fail to conform to fire drill procedures or tamper with any communications, heating, lighting or power systems.

    -  Make or cause to be made bomb threats, false alarms or false reports of school closing or cancellation of events.

    -  Deliberately disrupt or prevent the peaceful and orderly conduct of classes and meetings or other activities taking place in school buildings or on school grounds or deliberately interfere with the freedom of any person to express his views, including invited speakers.

    -  Use language or gestures that are profane, lewd, vulgar or abusive.

    -  Knowingly have in his/her possession any weapon including a firearm upon any premises to which these rules and regulations apply.  A firearm is any weapon (including a starter gun) which can fire a projectile (bullet).

    -  Gamble on school District property.

    -  Violate school District rules and regulations concerning the use of motor vehicles on school District property and school District parking regulations.

    -  Cause disruption or interference with the operation of school District buses.

    -  Fail to comply with directions of school District officials acting in the performance of their duties.

    -  Willfully incite others to commit any of the acts herein prohibited with specific intent to procure them to do so.

    -  Sexually harass any person.  Sexual harassment is all unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature which forces a person to cooperate as a condition of participation, or which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive situation.  Any alleged incident should be reported promptly.




    2.  Consequences

    Any person who violates the provisions of Board Policy #3280, Public Use of School Facilities or #3280-R and P -Use of Facilities Handbook, will not be allowed to remain on school grounds or at an activity and will be directed to leave the premises.  If the violator refuses to leave, he/she may be subject to arrest.  A group’s building use license may also be revoked.


    3.  Expected Conduct

    Participants are responsible for:

    -  Their own behavior.

    -  Being respectful of all other participants, and to respect the values and views of others.

    -  Being positive members of the school community with regard to themselves, others and property.


    Participants are expected to:

    -  Listen and follow the directions of their coaches, group leaders and all school district personnel.

    -  Behave in a way that will promote a safe and productive environment for all.


    Parents are expected to:

    -  Play a key role in the maintenance of good discipline in all Shenendehowa buildings and grounds.

    -  Support school District staff through awareness, understanding and support of the rules of facility use.

    -  Model appropriate behaviors expected of our students.