Facility User Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Organization or Group Using Facility

Each organization shall provide one individual (and one alternate) known as the group contact person to assume responsibility for: scheduling of activities, communication with group members and the school district, the conduct of the group members, the proper use of school property and equipment, and the payment of any fees due.


The group contact person shall be responsible for enforcing District regulations as described in the Use of Facilities Handbook.  Each group is expected to leave each building and equipment in the condition in which it was found.


In conjunction with the SAVE legislation and for the safety of our students, no building’s doors should be propped open, and the group contact person should assure that all doors are properly closed after each group enters the building and after each group leaves for the night.  Each group is responsible for evacuating its members in the case of an emergency.


The group contact person shall inform the group or organization of District regulations and shall assign one adult to provide participants, at each meeting or event, with information concerning safety and other legal issues as directed by the Office of Community Services.


For any group using facilities more than occasionally, the group contact person and any other responsible members (coaches and team parents) shall attend a meeting at the beginning of each school year outlining the agreement between the District and the group concerning expected behavior and procedures for using Shenendehowa’s facilities.  Each facility’s license should include the name and phone numbers of the group contact person, coaches for the group and youth group team parents (who will assume responsibility for supervision of the youth while on District property), as well as the anticipated schedule of activities.


At any given event or activity, if it is expected that the usual number of participants will be exceeded by 25%, prior approval by the designated school administrator must be received.  The number of persons admitted to a function must not exceed room capacity limits.


The group contact person or his/her designee is expected to be aware of special circumstances, such as emergency weather conditions.  He or she is expected to obtain building closure information via the Shenendehowa website (), the Community Services Office and special announcements on the radio and/or TV.  If necessary, the group contact person will take responsibility for making participants aware of any cancellation of activities if schools are unexpectedly closed.


In the case of an accident resulting in an injury to any person or damage to personal property, the group contact person must ensure that the incident is reported in writing by filling out an accident report form and giving it to the school staff person on duty, to be copied to the Community Services Office.