Facilities Use Fees 17-18




Facility Use Fees 

GROUP I                      School Related Groups

                                    Examples:  PTA, Booster Clubs, Community Education


GROUP II                     Shenendehowa Community Based Groups

                                    (must have at least 75% of participants residing in Shen School District)

                                    Examples:  Student and adult recreational groups, local town events, YMCA

                                    (not including Y-Care)

GROUP III                    Non-residents

                                    Examples:  Recreational groups, towns and other agencies, colleges, not

                                    located within Shenendehowa boundaries.


                                                GROUP I*                    GROUP II                     GROUP III


Classroom                               N/A                              $ 11.00/hr.                    $   45.00/hr.

Conference Room                   N/A                             $ 16.00/hr.                    $   45.00/hr.

Lecture Room                         N/A                             $ 13.00/hr.                    $   45.00/hr.

Library                                    N/A                             $ 13.00/hr.                     N/A

Lobby                                     N/A                             $  11.00/hr.                   $   33.00/hr.

Wrestling Room                      N/A                              $  23.00/hr.                   N/A

Cafeteria**                              N/A                 

        Small                                                                   $ 19.00/hr.                          $   75.00/hr.

        Large (or small w/use of stage)                           $ 24.00/hr.                          $  135.00/hr.

Auditorium                             N/A     

        Small (HSE Little Theater)                                   $ 24.00/hr.                    $ 135.00/hr.

       Large (Gowana, HSW)                                      $ 30.00/hr.                        $ 275.00/hr.

       HSE Large Auditorium                                         $135.00/hr.                   $ 500.00/hr.

              (must hire an auditorium manager in addition to room rental fees)

Gyms                                      N/A                            

Small Gyms (Elementary except Arongen)                    $ 23.00/hr.                    $  120.00/hr.

Large Gyms (Arongen, Middle School, High School)      $ 26.00/hr.                    $ 140.00/hr.


Regular Athletic Fields                                                $ 14.00/hr.                   N/A

Varsity Athletic Fields                                                 $ 18.00/hr.                    N/A

Turf Football Stadium                                     $23/hr track, $25/hr field           $120/hr no lts, $130/hr w/lts

Tennis Court                                                               $ 14.00/hr.                   N/A

Playground                                                                  $ 12.00/hr.                   N/A

Parking Lot                                                                  $ 12.00/hr.                    N/A

Pool (hourly rental rate plus hourly lifeguard charge) ***

            Lane Charge                                                   $  15.00/hr./lane            $ 35.00/hr/lane

            Diving Tank                                                    $  28.00/hr.                   $ 70.00/hr.

Swim Meet Special Event Fee: Half Day $1,000, Full Day $1,400


Batting Cage Rental: $50/hour

“Special Event” Fee                                                    To be determined on a case by case basis


*           School-related groups will only incur fees where incremental costs are incurred (i.e. custodial)

**         We require a food service department staff member to be present if use of kitchen equipment is planned.  The billing for this service will come directly from that department.  If equipment is not used, a $10.00 charge will be billed for use of the food line, sinks, etc.

***           # of lifeguards dependent on group size