Facilities Use Fees 16-17




Facility Use Fees

GROUP I                      School Related Groups

                                    Examples:  PTA, Booster Clubs, Community Education


GROUP II                     Shenendehowa Community Based Groups

                                    (must have at least 75% of participants residing in Shen School District)

                                    Examples:  Student and adult recreational groups, local town events, YMCA

                                    (not including Y-Care)

GROUP III                    Non-residents

                                    Examples:  Recreational groups, towns and other agencies, colleges, not

                                    located within Shenendehowa boundaries.


                                                GROUP I*                    GROUP II                     GROUP III

Security Deposit**                   N/A                              $ 250.00/group/yr.         $ 250.00


Classroom                              N/A                                $ 10.00/hr.                    $   40.00/hr.

Conference Room                  N/A                               $ 15.00/hr.                    $   40.00/hr.

Lecture Room                         N/A                               $ 12.00/hr.                    $   40.00/hr.

Library                                    N/A                                 $ 12.00/hr.                     N/A

Lobby                                     N/A                                 $  10.00/hr.                   $   30.00/hr.

Wrestling Room                      N/A                              $  22.00/hr.                   N/A

Cafeteria***                            N/A                 

            Small                                                                $ 17.00/hr.               $   70.00/hr.

            Large (or small w/use of stage)                      $ 22.00/hr.                  $  130.00/hr.

Auditorium                             N/A     

            Small (HSE Little Theater)                                 $ 22.00/hr.                   $ 130.00/hr.

            Large (Gowana, HSW)                                      $ 27.00/hr.                    $ 250.00/hr.

            HSE Large Auditorium                                    $130.00/hr.                   $ 450.00/hr.

              (must hire an auditorium manager in addition to room rental fees)

Gyms                                      N/A                            

Small Gyms (Elementary except Arongen)                    $ 22.00/hr.                    $  110.00/hr.

Large Gyms (Arongen, Middle School, High School)      $ 25.00/hr.                    $ 130.00/hr.


Regular Athletic Fields                                                $ 13.00/hr.                   N/A

Varsity Athletic Fields                                                 $ 17.00/hr.                    N/A

Turf Football Stadium                                     $22/hr track, $22/hr field           $110/hr no lts, $120/hr w/lts

Tennis Court                                                               $ 13.00/hr.                   N/A

Playground                                                                  $ 11.00/hr.                   N/A

Parking Lot                                                                  $ 11.00/hr.                    N/A

Pool (hourly rental rate plus hourly lifeguard charge) ****

            Lane Charge                                                   $  14.00/hr./lane            $ 30.00/hr/lane

            Diving Tank                                                    $  27.00/hr.                   $ 65.00/hr.

Swim Meet Special Event Fee: Half Day $1,000, Full Day $1,400

Press Box Fee: $75/event                     Batting Cage Rental: $50/hour

“Special Event” Fee                                                    To be determined on a case by case basis

*           School-related groups will only incur fees where incremental costs are incurred (i.e. custodial)

**         To be applied to large groups using cafeterias, gyms, multiple classrooms, multiple fields, etc.  
                The $250.00 security deposit may be applied to billing for fees.  The deposit will be $250.00 even if multiple buildings are used.
***            We require a food service department staff member to be present if use of kitchen equipment is planned.  
                The billing for this service will come directly from that department.  

****         # of lifeguards dependent on group size