Cancellation Procedures

In making decisions on scheduling activities, canceling activities or the need to reschedule activities, the District will take into consideration the group sponsoring the activity as well as the group’s needs. 

As in the past, evening and weekend use of the building will be allocated according to an approximate percentage of use to ensure that all groups are provided an opportunity to use Shenendehowa’s facilities after school hours.  Community education will receive approximately 30-35%, community/youth activities approximately 40-45% and community/adult activities approximately 15-20% of building use time.  Youth groups will be given consideration for earlier, rather than later evening hours.  This will not translate to all evening prime times (6:00-10:00 p.m.) but an attempt will be made to minimize youth activities after 9:00 p.m.


Summer use of facilities is severely limited during the summer break in order to carry out heavy cleaning, building and field maintenance, reconstruction, and new construction projects.  Facility use is significantly limited during school vacation periods as well.


If a schedule conflict or building activity cancellation arises, first priority will be given to the following groups in the order listed:


a.   Regular instructional and other activities associated with the regular day school program including approved extracurricular programs for students (Group I).


All District instructional programs and outgrowths of those programs including regular classroom instruction, clubs, music groups, intramural and interscholastic sports.  This also includes school age child care programs operating on days that school is in session.


b.   Classes and other instructional activities conducted or sponsored by the Shenendehowa Community Education Department (Group I).


c.   School-related groups and student activities sponsored by such groups as PTA and booster clubs (Group I).


-  Parent-Teachers Associations, Booster Clubs, School and District Committees, Advisory Councils.


The next priority will be given to these groups in the order listed:


a.   Activities for students sponsored by Shenendehowa towns and community organizations such as CAPTAIN, Scouts, 4-H, CYO, and YMCA (other than for school age child care programs) (Group II).


b.   Employee organizations’ activities (Group I).


c.   Activities for adult residents such as meetings, sports and other recreational activities sponsored by community groups (Group II).


d.   Activities sponsored by non-resident groups (Group III).







Organizations with higher priority will be given consideration on issues such as the following:

  1. Schedule Changes

    If an unexpected change or emergency should occur, which results in a reserved facility no longer being available, a higher priority organization may “bump” a lower priority organization with 24 hours notice.  School sponsored events will take priority over community sponsored events.


  2. Emergency Closing

    Following an emergency closing, every effort will be made to first open buildings and clean parking lots and walkways at those buildings with reservations in place for higher priority users.  For instance, those buildings needed for school and extracurricular activities will be attended to before buildings needed for community activities.


  3. School Closing – Afternoon and Evening Activities

    Canceling of after school and evening events will not be automatic when school is closed.  Information will be collected throughout the morning regarding scheduled activities and a decision regarding which, if any, events should be canceled will be made depending on weather, road, parking lot and sidewalk conditions.

     In general, snow removal and clean-up will follow the same priority established for scheduling groups; that is, our initial efforts will be aimed at making facilities available for school related activities, including sports and community education. 

    A decision regarding after school and evening activities will be made between noon and 2:00 p.m., immediately followed by announcements to school staff, radio and/or TV. The District will also put a message on the Shenendehowa School District web page (.)  This announcement will be specific. For instance: “All after school and evening activities at Shenendehowa are canceled on (a specific) date,” or “Shenendehowa High School East and West Buildings, Gowana and Koda Middle Schools are open for activities this afternoon and evening.  Activities at all other Shenendehowa buildings are canceled.”


  4. Weekend Closing

    If it appears weather conditions may threaten weekend activities, every attempt will be made to evaluate and communicate via e-mail and/or phone any decisions on Friday between noon and 2:00 p.m.  As noted above, clean-up will follow the same priority established on page 14 in this regulation.  Announcements regarding the status of planned weekend activities will be made as needed on the web site.


    Cancellations by a Group

    Groups who need to cancel their activity must call or e-mail the Community Services Office (881-0612 or or 24 hours in advance for weekday activities and by the Tuesday night prior for weekend activities.  A group will be charged custodial fees if cancellation is not timely.   If a group’s activity needs to be canceled as a result of a school activity, the group will be notified via e-mail or phone as soon as possible and the group will not be charged. 

    If you need to cancel your activity as a result of dangerous weather, you should e-mail the Community Services Office at the above addresses by 8:00 a.m. on the day in question, and the group will not be charged for that time.  Changes requested by the group will not be approved unless the group agrees to the additional custodial time that may result from that change.