Application Procedures

License:  Application Procedures for Use of District Facilities

1.   All applications for use of school facilities must be made in writing at least one week prior to the proposed date of use and submitted to the Community Services Coordinator at High School West Building, 970 Route 146, Clifton Park, NY 12065.  Applications for licenses are available in the Community Services Office and at all school offices.


2.   The applicant must clearly and completely describe the intended use of the District facility in the application.


3.   All applicants must review Board Policy 3280, Public Use of School Facilities, prior to submitting the application.  An authorized agent of the group or organization requesting use must sign all applications.  The applicant’s signature on the license shall attest to the group or organization’s intent to comply with all Board policies and regulations and to use District facilities strictly in accordance with the use described in the application.


4.   Submission of an application constitutes agreement to assume responsibility for all damages to District property, including but not limited to buildings and equipment, which results from the organization’s use of facilities.  Proof of insurance in accordance with Board Policy #3280, Public Use of School Facilities, must be provided at least seven days before the date of the requested use.


5.   A license to use facilities shall be issued upon approval of the application and shall be valid only for the facility, use, dates and time specified in the license.  No adjustment to the license is allowed except with the prior written approval of the Community Services Office or appropriate school principal.  Licenses shall not be transferable.


6.   The license to use facilities is a revocable license, which the District may alter or cancel in its sole discretion, should the facility be subsequently required for District purposes, or for any other reason consistent with law and this policy.


7.   With regard to scheduling activities, the District retains the right to give preference to Group I followed by Group II organizations (see Fee Schedule).  Space and time is not allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.


8.   Issuance of a license to use a facility shall not limit the right of access to the facility by District staff.