May/June 2015

Hello Parents/Guardians and Community Members -

I hope this newsletter finds you well!  It is so hard to believe we are nearing the end of the school year. We have a little more than a month to go and lots of events happening throughout our time left together.

With that being said, we are constantly reminding students that, in fact, they still have a month of school left with learning still taking place and SOL testing just around the corner.  We are asking our students to stay focused so they will continually learn and grow.  As one would expect this time of year, we are seeing and hearing more excitable and less-focused behavior than we have in the previous months.  We continue to implement our annual "caught you being good WWR students" tickets.  When adults see classes being safe and quiet in the hallways or working hard in classrooms or following safety and volume rules in the cafeteria, the class will be given a WWR Robin Ticket signifying they've been caught being good WWR students.  This practice will continue through the end of school.  During the last week of school, we will count the number of tickets given to each class.  The class with the most tickets at each grade level will will earn a class pizza party.

I need to let everyone know how proud I am of all of our students and staff.  Each and everyone have worked so hard this school year!  It has been exciting and rewarding to walk through the hallways at WWRobinson and look into classrooms where students are engaged in communication, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and persistence.  We are working hard to instill these elements into our students' way of thinking so they all can become productive and innovative 21 century learners.  Please share with me in complimenting the students and staff for their exemplary work in all academic areas this year.  

As always, parents/guardians and community members are welcome at our school.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like to volunteer in any capacity.  By working together, we can provide a top quality educational experience for all of our students!  I thank each of you for your support for what has turned out to be a phenomenal 2014-2015 school year at WWRobinson!

Melissa L Foltz