Agencies within Shenandoah County, VA (including law enforcement, schools, social services, and mental health providers) are committed to providing our citizens with the knowledge and resources to stay or to become free from substance use.

This resource is one way to provide that information directly to our citizens and those who serve them. Unlike many websites, this information is local to our community: the resources which exist within Shenandoah County or neighboring counties.  While a wealth of nearby resources exists in some areas such as prevention, local service gaps are readily apparent in others.  As a community, we still have work to do.

Information is organized in several ways: The first series of tabs lists resources along the stage of need: (Prevention, Early Intervention, Treatment, On-going Support/ Relapse Prevention).

The next series of relapse prevention groups (AA, Al-Anon, Celebrate Recovery, Narcotics Anon) contains the most local meeting dates and locations. The final series of tabs (National/Federal, Northwestern, Oxford House and Phoenix House) provides additional contact information and locations.

Please be sure to use the embedded right scroll bar to see the entire listing under each tab.

Decisions in Recovery: Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder
sponsored by SAMSA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

SA= Substance Abuse

The resource guide will be updated at least annually.  

Revised January 2017
Managed by Shenandoah County Special Education Dept.
Providers: Please contact 540-459-6716 or with updated/ corrected information.