Welcome to Team Shenandoah! 
We are excited to have you as part of Team Shenandoah! We hope you will find this site informational and useful as you navigate your first year of teaching or your first year in our division. Do not hesitate to ask questions or let us know how we can make your start as smooth as possible.
Our goals and aspirations for QMET2.0 perfectly align with the Staff Excellence school division goal to, "Attract, retain, develop, and support high quality and diverse staff to support organizational excellence."

Advisory Committee

Dr. Mark Johnston

Division Superintendent

Ms. Ebbie Linaburg

Assistant Superintendent

Mr. Chad Hensley

Director of Elementary Education

Dr. David Hinegardner

Director of Middle and Secondary Education

Ms. Linda Hodges

Supervisor of Human Resources

Ms. Melissa Hensley

Principal Central High School

Mr. Steve Povlish

Principal Ashby Lee Elementary School


    Beginning teachers face many challenges. The reality of a public school classroom may be one of the most challenging transitions faced by teachers in their entire professional careers. The expectations that teachers will apply theoretical knowledge, develop effective instructional strategies, meet individual student's needs, incorporate changing curriculum frameworks, develop high-stakes assessments, integrate emerging technology, and remain sensitive to societal issues create a formidable challenge for beginning teachers.
    The Shenandoah County Public Schools’ QMET2.0 Program will help beginning teachers make a successful transition into the teaching profession by relying on the expertise of veterans to provide a clinical real-world training process.  Beginning teachers network with mentors who provide on-going support through observing, modeling, sharing ideas and skills, and recommending materials for further study for classroom use in teaching the grade-level curriculum.
    The Shenandoah County Public Schools’ QMET2.0 Program will effectively support new teachers entering the educational field and attract the most capable and talented candidates for new positions, which will ultimately serve to provide Shenandoah County the highest quality professional educators in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

SCPS Fast Facts

Did you know that SCPS has one of the highest On-Time Graduation Rates in VA? 

Did you know that one out of four students take an AP and/or Dual Enrollment class? 

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