Welcome to the worksite of the Shenandoah County Public Schools Action Planning Teams
    This site has been created to act as a warehouse for documents and other information that will help shape the school divisions planning efforts. This is an attempt to be transparent in the process and keep stakeholders informed.
    It is vital that we have the collaborative efforts of our staff, parents and community members as we work to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared for further education and/or the careers of their futures. Shenandoah County Public Schools also needs to be responsive to the changing environment of public education.
    Attracting and retaining talented staff, enhancing the skills of our workforce, and utilizing our resources at their greatest efficiency are all long-term goals of the division. Action planning teams will play a vital role in establishing the plans that will serve as the framework for decision making, as well as our budget, as we align our school division's resources with our division objectives.

Action Planning Teams

Teaching and Learning: building a framework for preparing students to be global citizens in a global community

Staff Excellence: recruiting, retaining, and developing high quality instructional and support staff for attaining organizational excellence           

Leadership: continuously improving the effectiveness of school and division-wide programs and practices

System Efficiencies: aligning resources for achieving efficiencies of operations and success.