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Homework/ Assignments

Week of September 14-18

5th Grade Reading/Language Arts-
Spelling 5-4 (Monday-pretest, Tuesday-page 1, Wednesday-page 2, Thursday-page 3, Friday-Final test)
Reading- The Westing Game chapters 7-9 this week
 On-going: read 500 pages per quarter

6th Grade Reading/Language Arts-
Reading- The Boy in Striped Pajamas chapters 6-8 this week
Language Arts- writing assignments will be posted in our virtual classroom.
On-going: read 1000 pages per quarter

7th Grade Reading/Language Arts-
To Kill a Mockingbird- We are reading this aloud together as there is much background material to discuss.  We are formulating a project to culminate our reading.
On-going: read 1000 pages per quarter

8th Grade Language Arts-
ILO English 9- online class, 1.02 to 1.06 are due this week.