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Weekly anticipated lesson plans and homework assignments

 Lesson plan information
     This is where you will find the lesson plans for the week broken down by days along with upcoming events (quiz, test, etc).  Please remember that the lesson plan may change as the week progresses and is dependent upon student learning. I will update. Students who were in class will always know what was completed for the lesson for the day. I can only move as fast as the students do.

Homework information
     Homework is where they apply what they have been learning. Homework accounts for 0% of their grade. Homework is given to practice concepts that will be tested. Homework is just like practice in a sport. Math is the sport, homework is the practice, quizzes are like a scrimmage, and tests are the games. 
      When reviewing the homework in class, students are to check over their answers along with modifying any of their work and be reflecting- asking themselves, other students or I,  why they missed it so they do not make that error again. By reflecting, the student should be able to understand what they know and do not know and use that information to get help and/or practice more. As they are checking their homework, making corrections, I make a list of those students who I will need to work with. 
     Students who did not complete their homework and/or do it will be expected to complete the homework. Their name will go on the board, they will fill out a late homework assignment, and will make a reminder phone call home. Students will have till the next day to get it finished.  If they do not have it completed by the next day, they will be required to  to do one and/or all of the following: stay after school, come to me during homeroom, miss recess, and/or come early to school.
     Students MUST SHOW WORK! If they use a calculator, they must write down what they typed into the calculator each time. Students may work together. Students may use any way to solve the problems as long as they have shown work. Students homework papers must be labeled with their name, the assignment name, page number(s), and problem numbers. 
     If you are not sure what the homework is, you can always check your student's agenda.  If your student was absent, a good idea would be to ask another student from your student's class, what was assigned as homework that they wrote down in their agenda.