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Not sure if you've purchased a book? Check the list on the right side of this page. Names listed have purchased their 2016-17 Squib.

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How to submit a Senior Picture
The deadline to submit senior pictures is by Thanksgiving. We'll spend about a month hunting down anyone who didn't turn in pictures, and then in January, we will start laying out the senior pages. 

The best way to submit a senior picture is by submitting a high-resolution JPG to squib@shelbycs.org. You can also submit images on a CD or flash drive. Digital images are best, but we can also scan and return pictures that are submitted at school. It doesn't have to be a traditional studio picture, but we do ask that it be a head and shoulders shot, or one that we can crop in to a head and shoulders shot. As a rule of thumb, the picture should not cut off any portion of the head, and should extend beyond the subject's collarbone.

These pictures will also be used for the graduation section of the Shelbyville News in the spring. Students who do not submit a senior picture will have their school picture used. Students who have neither a senior picture nor a school pictures will be published in neither the yearbook nor the newspaper (so please make sure we have a photo of you!).

Submitted pictures cannot be used if:
    - The image is zoomed too closely or the top of the head is cut off
    - The resolution is less than 200 dpi
    - There are hands or other distractions in the frame
    - It is a selfie

The Squib staff and Shelbyville High School reserve the right to prohibit pictures that they deem inappropriate or those that do not adhere to the stipulations stated above. For more information, contact Squib adviser Jaclyn Keller at jdkeller@shelbycs.org.

Parental Display of Affection

The deadline to submit a "PDA" ad in the yearbook is January 27, 2017. This is a great way to congratulate your graduate with a sentimental, motivational, or embarrassing ad in the yearbook. The form is attached below. Questions? Email squib@shelbycs.org.



Students who HAVE purchased their
2016-17 yearbook:

First Name Last Name
Justin Addis
Patrick Addis
Madisson Adkins
Noemi Aguilar
Aliya Akers
Evan Aldridge
Nicholas Anderson
Paul Anderson
Jill Anspaugh
Bryce Asher
Luke Asher
Eric Barrett
Grace Bate
Adam Bayne
Jacob Bayne
Conner Beagle
Eric Beyer
Casey Biggerman
Carson Blair
Cameron Blocher
William Blocher
Lindsey Bonte
Katie Brammer
Nicholas Branson
Nickolas Brokering
Brendan Brown
Jackson Browning
Katrina Caudill
Anne Chenoweth
Bradley Clark
Bryce Claxton
Mason Coffey
Abigail Cole
Alexa Collins
Jacqueline Compton
Nashaea Contreras
Jacob Davis
Kendra Davis
Nolan Davis
Brandon Deaton
Hunter Deaton
Reika Deguchi
Cory Dellinger
Allison DeWitt
Jayden Dover
Andrea Duarte Maldonado
Thomas Eggleston
Madison Evans
Hannah File
Trevor File
Elizabeth Finkel
Alyssa Flory
Dalton Fuchs
Thomas Fuller
Stacy Gabbard
Steven Garlits
Jenna Green
Brianna Hall
Elliana Hamilton
David Hardin
Dylan Harker
Jeremy Harris
Kylie Harris
Kaitlynn Harrison
Jacob Hartwell
Casey Hendrickson
Morgan Hinderliter
Heather Hoffmeyer
Matthew Houchin
Lance Hughes
Todd Hughes
Hannah Johnson
Raymond Jones
Raymond Jones
Daniela Joseph
Evan Kendall
Jayda Kindred
Olivia Knarr
David Kramer
Victor Kreinhop
Chase Kuhn
Danielle Kuhn
Shunsuke Kurokawa
Grace Laker
Zoe Laker
Michael Lay
Brandon Lee
Cooper Lewis
Luke Limecooly
Ellie Linn
Jillian Linville
Brandon Longpre
John Lux
Carson Macklin
Colin Mahin
Tracey Makowski
Brayden Manning
Anna Mariacher
Grace Martin
Ryan Massey
Rylan Mathewson
Rhianna Mauro
Zyon Maynard
Bryce McGuire
Hope McNaughton
Peyton McQueen
Peyton McQueen
Addyson Miller
Jarrett Mohr
Brady Moore
Olivia Moore
Addison Mummert
Heidi Mun
Logan Nash
Barbosa Natalia
Emily Noel
Madison Nolley
Ann-Matilda Oksman
Nolan Parker
Bryce Parsley
Damion Paul
Shawn Paxton
Lily Peck
Hannah Pence
Evan Phares
Connor Phelps
Hunter Phelps
Lauren Pike
Makinsi Pike
Hayden Plummer
Mason Plummer
Taylor Plummer
Emilie Porsman
Cole Powell
Jayce Quellhorst
Nolan Ray
Craig Reed
Cora Reinhart
Erika Renbarger
Hannah Rice
Lauren Rich
Madison Ritchison
Jakob Rivera
Kelli Roberts
Kason Rumple
Aaron Sanders
Natalie Simpson
Adam Smith
Mitchell Smith
Toby Spurlin
Braelyn Stacy
Kaitlyn Stader
Mary Swango
Alexis Tackett
Jaclyn Tackett
Sawa Tahara
Cory Taylor
Ryleigh Taylor
Tyce Taylor
Mary Tinsley
Liam Tong
Jacob Treon
Lillian Treon
Kameron Tucker
Jeffrey Uhls
Shelby Upton
Nash Van Duyn
Treycia Van Natta
Andrew Walke
Andrew Walke
Alexandra Watson
Landon Watson
Samantha Watson
Sydnee Weintraut
Nolan Wethington
Jacob Wingo
Anthony Wisker
Christopher Zamora

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