Mr. Veach 7th Social Studies

Weekly Assignments

Week of 1-8 through 1-12



Objective: Review E/SE Asia countries and various maps.

Lesson: Work on the E/SE Asia Regional Atlas WS

          Homework: E/SE Asia Regional Atlas WS



Objective: Learn about E/SE Asia landforms and important waterways

Lesson: Chapter 19 Notes

          Homework: E/SE Asia Regional Atlas WS (from Monday if not completed)



Objective: Grade and review Monday and Tuesday’s homework

Lesson: Review the different maps in the regional atlas covering E/SE Asia

          Homework: none



Objective: Learn about the different climate regions of E/SE Asia

Lesson: Climate Regions notes

          Homework: Complete the Physical Geography of E/SE Asia WS



Objective: Continue and finish Thursday’s notes

Lesson: Climate Regions of E/SE Asia

          Homework: none