During difficult times in may be tough for parents to discuss grief with their children.  Our District Support Team has provided two resources to assist parents with that conversation.

Counselors will be available during school hours for student support this week.


The public side of the fitness center at Shelby-Rising City Schools is OPEN.  The facility is member only and daily use or drop in rates are not available.

If you had an active membership when it closed last year you will be able to use your FOB card to access the Fitness Center free of charge for the remainder of 2017.  You will need to stop in and sign the new waiver.

If you did not have an active membership, can not find your card, or are a new member you will need to go to the Main Office during regular school hours (7:30am-4:30pm) and complete the application process with payment to receive a new card.  Cards and applications will be available after Wednesday, August 30th.  If you have a card please bring it with you to be activated.

Entrance to the fitness center is on the west of the school building in Shelby (650 N. Walnut St.) through the new activity entrance and then directly to the right.  Both the outside entrance and fitness center require a FOB for access.  The facility is available 24/7.

Please read the Fitness Center Rules and Membership Information document and forward any questions to Mr. Terry Chadek at