Strengthening Applications

Chair: Thanasis TRIANTAFILLOU (EL)
Co-Chair: Francesca CERONI (IT)

This is the field that has received the interest of the majority of researchers, manufacturers and other major stakeholders in Europe and has seen an exponential growth in the number of commercial applications in the last decade. Significant innovative work has already been carried out on rehabilitation of concrete, masonry, steel and timber structures, including the use of new resins and fibre systems, near surface mounted reinforcement, and textile reinforced mortars. Work in this area will focus on:
  • Behaviour of confined concrete using different types of fibres and bonding systems
  • Behaviour of strengthened reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber elements, in flexure, shear and punching shear
  • Models and techniques for the prestressing of strengthening systems to enhance the utilisation of composites at service conditions
  • Novel seismic strengthening and rehabilitation solutions and development of design models to avoid shear, anchorage, splice and buckling failures

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