Technical Infrastructure Diagrams

1. John A. Lewis (2015) RDMTI Dataflow v3. figshare. 


2 a. John Kaye (2015) JISC draft architecture for Research data systems. JISC

2 b. John Kaye (2015) JISC RDM architecture annotated

2 c. Kaye, John (2016): RDM Top level architecture.jpg. figshare.

Current version of:

John Kaye (2015) Ideal RDM Systems Architecture Figure 2.1 from "Jisc Research Data Management Shared Service Pilot 

3. Addis, Matthew; Miles-Board, Tim (2015): Workflows and Flowcharts for report "RDM workflows and integrations for HEIs using hosted services". figshare.

Addis, Matthew (2015): RDM workflows and integrations for HEIs using hosted services. figshare.

4. David Groenewegen / Monash University Library (2015) Monash research data ecosystem. In: Brewerton, G. Figshare Fest 2015 Ariadne 75.


9. Lewis, S. (2013) The four quadrants of research data curation. Edinburgh Research Data Blog, 6th December. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Research Data Management Action Group.                                                                       

Images from this blogpost and others are available from Lewis, Stuart (2013): Data Curation Systems. figshare.
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