Deep Learning using Matlab 2018b (GPU required)

posted 8 Oct 2018, 03:41 by Desmond M Ryan   [ updated 10 Oct 2018, 05:27 ]
We provide here the necessary resource (links) to explore Deep Learning.

An actual Matlab example for specific animal recognition within test images is provided (links to), and this example can be run on ShARC using a GPU session.

This example has been tested and run successfully on ShARC, however see the Erratum note at the bottom of this post.


(1) you need to set-up a Mathworks account to access the Matlab material

(2) access to Matlab 2018b & GPU

(3) Matlab 2018b is installed on ShARC HPC, & requires a GPU interactive session (qrshx -l gpu=1)

(4) It is not always possible to get an interactive GPU session on ShARC

Introduction to Deep Learning:

Videos relating to Deep Learning (& Machine Learning):

Introductory video for deep learning example (code available via link below):

Code for example can be obtained here

Erratum note: in the script Demo_TrainingFromScratch.mlx the following line:

categories = {'Deer','Dog','Frog','Cat'};

much be changed to:

categories = {'deer','dog','frog','cat'};