Interaction with PALs (Personal Adaptive Listening System)

The goal of this project is the design and development of PALs. A PAL is a voice enabled device that belongs to an individual and adapts to that persons communication characteristics. It provides voice-enabled assistive technology and access to the digital world to its "owner". PALs are designed to be used over a long period of time, and their performance will improve the more they are used. During this period of time there will be an initial "adaptation" phase where the user and the system learn from each other; the user learns how to interact with the system and the system learns the acoustic and dialogue characteristics from the user. When this learning phase is completed, the system will continue learning from the data gathered interacting with the user and improving its performance. This is especially interesting for users with speech impairments, who can't use speaker independent ASR systems, so systems which can adapt to their speech characteristics are an attractive alternative.