Old age and technology: insights from social gerontology (12/04/2013)

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Design seminar (30/10/2012)

This seminar seeks to share a process of interdisciplinary research in which the richness of human experience is used to design and develop technologies for people with long term conditions and aims to stimulate a discussion concerning the improvement of technology design as a route to increasing usage.

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Creativity and methods in the social sciences (06/06/2012 and 07/06/2012)

This two-day workshop is designed to explore some of the issues and potential of a range of creative methods for carrying out social research in the social sciences. The workshop will involve a series of talks that include: re-using old methods in new research environments, creating new research arenas, mixing qualitative methods, being creative with quantitative methods and design for participatory methods. On each day, there will also be some workshop sessions so that participants can experiment with some of these approaches.

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Person-centred design workshop (01/03/2012)

In March, PIPIN held its first workshop for interested parties on person-centred design using personas and scenarios from the Smart 2 project. The workshop was open to those outside of PIPIN and was attended by a number of people across multiple departments of the university. The workshop was a place to discuss and debate the advantages and disadvantages of person-centred design from the point of view of experienced academics and junior researchers.

PIPIN launch event (21/11/2011)

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